Can You Put a Mattress Protector On A Cooling Mattress?

Yes, you can put a mattress protector over a cooling mattress. Most mattress protectors are made with breathable material that doesn’t trap heat or hinder a cooling mattress’ efficiency. Better yet, you could combine a mattress protector with other hacks to make it more comfortable to sleep on a cooling mattress.

Mattress Protector On A Cooling Mattress

How to Sleep Cool with a Mattress Protector on a Cooling Mattress

Besides using a mattress protector, here are other things you could try to help you sleep cool.

Put on a cooling mattress topper

A mattress topper is great for adding comfort to your mattress, but choosing one with cooling properties will help keep you cool.

What’s more, unlike cooling mattresses, cooling mattress toppers can be removed depending on how hot or cold you feel. To put it into context, you can put on the cooling topper to help wick off excess heat in the summertime. Similarly, you can remove it during winter.

Switch to breathable sheets

If you sleep on silk or polyester bed sheets, you need to switch them for more breathable ones since they tend to trap heat.  

More succinctly,  sleeping on cotton, bamboo, linen, or Tencel sheets with a lower fabric count will provide better airflow. This means it will wick out excess heat to help you achieve the optimum temperature for uninterrupted sleep.

Choose a cooling pillow

A cooling pillow is designed with breathable fabric that helps to dissipate excess heat, sweating and overall discomfort that comes with sleeping hot.  This means it will curb sleep interruptions so you can experience full restorative sleep.

Close the windows and blinds

When you wake up in the morning, it’s advisable to open your bedroom windows to let in light and fresh air.  However, when it gets to midday and heat is building up, you need to close the blinds/ curtains and windows to prevent heat from getting to your room and getting trapped in your mattress.

Improve airflow

Sufficient airflow in your room can help to regulate temperatures for hot sleepers.

You can increase the airflow in your room by opening your bedroom doors, turning on your AC, using a fan, or opening your bedroom windows.

Change your bed

If you sleep on a solid base, there’s a high chance it’s making you sleep hot. To put it into context, most solid bases tend to trap heat between the block and mattress— increasing your body temperature while you sleep.

Instead, we recommend that you switch to a slatted base. They’re designed with gaps that improve airflow, making it a bit cooler to enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

Lower your thermostat

To fall asleep easier, we recommend lowering your thermostat to between 60 and 75 °F. This will ensure that your body doesn’t overheat and cause discomfort that will interrupt your sleep.

Take a hot shower before bed

A hot shower before bed is not only great for muscle relaxation, but it’s also ideal for regulating body temperature.  Scientific studies have shown that taking a hot shower before bed helps to stimulate blood flow in the hands and feet — so heat escapes faster.


You can still use a mattress protector made with breathable material on a cooling mattress. Beyond that, you could use other hacks if you want a more comfortable sleeping experience while using a mattress protector on a cooling mattress.

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