Best Cooling Mattress In Canada (Updated April 2023)

Have you tried opening your windows or sleeping without a blanket but still feel hot? Then the problem might be your mattress. Some mattresses with traditional memory foam tend to trap heat at the mattress’s core. This eventually causes your body temperature to rise as you sleep.

Quick Answer: Best Cooling Mattresses Canada

The good news is we have made a list of the best cooling mattresses in Canada to help regulate your temperature as you sleep.

Let’s jump right into it!

Hush Midnight Mattress

What We Like About the Hush MattressWhat We Don’t Like About the Hush Mattress
It doesn’t produce an off-gassing smell because its foam is made from soy byproducts.It might not offer sufficient pressure point relief around the hips for average, lightweight side sleepers.
It has non-toxic padding that makes it safe for your immune system.It might be a bit expensive for shoppers on a tight budget
It has a plush pillow top that helps to relieve pressure points, preventing muscle aches and promoting a neutral spinal alignment.
It’s antimicrobial to prevent bacterial build-up that might lead to sickness and odours.
It prevents motion transfer.

Our Recommendations 

  • For people who are looking for a mattress with a premium feel.
  • For hot sleepers.
  • For sleepers who are experiencing back pain.
  • For back sleepers that weigh between 130-230 lbs.
  • For stomach sleepers that weigh below 170 lbs.

The Hush Midnight mattress takes the prize when it comes to cooling you down on those hot nights or days. This is because it’s carefully crafted with a premium phase-changing material that regulates temperature. To put it into context, when you’re hot, it keeps you cool by absorbing your body heat and storing it for cold nights.

The hush mattress features a triple-zoned support system for comfort and support.  This means it’s soft around the shoulders and feet to prevent pressure build-up. It’s also a firmer mattress around the torso for back support.

Helix Midnight Luxe

What We Like About the Helix Midnight mattressWhat We Don’t Like About the Helix Midnight mattress
It provides awesome motion isolation, so you won’t feel your partner tossing while you sleep.It’s not ideal for heavyweight back sleepers.
Its pocketed coils system offers light and average back sleepers excellent back support.It might not be appealing to sleepers who prefer firmer mattresses.
It’s a plush memory foam mattress that offers sufficient cushioning around the hips and shoulders for side sleepers.
Its top cover is hypoallergenic, preventing dust mites and other allergens from building up.
It contours to your body shape to promote a neutral spinal alignment. This helps to prevent lower back aches and neck stiffness.

Our Recommendations

  • For hot sleepers.
  • For couples with different firmness preferences.
  • For stomach and back sleepers who weigh below 170 lbs.
  • For combined sleepers who weigh between 130-230 lbs.
  • For back, side, and combined sleepers who weigh between 130-230 lbs.

This hybrid bed in a box features plush memory foam over pocketed coils for the best pressure point relief and support. Similarly, it comes with a mattress firmness level of 6 to ensure that couples with different preferences experience equal comfort and support.

When it comes to cooling properties, its top cover is designed using Tencel, that’s breathable, so it will let in cool air to keep you cool. On top of that, it combines the Tencel cover with a phase-change material that traps excessive heat to maintain a cool sleeping environment.

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress

What We Like About the Puffy Lux Hybrid MattressWhat We Don’t Like About the Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress
It’s designed with memory foam layers that improve heat retention. On top of that, its coil system lets in cool air and wicks out hot air to help you sleep cool.It’s too soft for average and heavy-weight stomach sleepers.
Puffy has a support layer of pocketed coils and foam to keep your spine aligned and relieve your preemptive points.
Its cover is not only stain-resistant but also washable. This means it won’t gather dust and dead skin over a long time.
It’s hypoallergenic, making it safe if you have asthma or sleep apnea since it won’t gather pollen, dust, or any other allergen.
It has a medium firmness of 6.5, offering sufficient comfort and support for lightweight and average-weight sleepers.

Our Recommendations

  • For side and back sleepers that weigh 130-230 lbs.
  • Ideal for hot sleepers.
  • For people with allergies.
  • For people with aches.
  • For people prone to spills.

The Puffy Mattress is crafted with a 6-layer sleep system that perfectly balances its contouring, cooling, and pain relief properties. On top of that, it features a stain-resistant cover that’s washable. If you have kids who tend to spill liquid on the bed, you can easily toss it in a washing machine.

Did we mention it’s incredibly durable? To prove this, it comes with a lifetime warranty. In case of a defect, you could always return it to the manufacturer. Talking of return, it has a 101-night trial.

Recore Latex Foam Mattress

What We Like About the Recore MattressWhat We Don’t Like About the Recore Mattress
Its perforated graphite-infused latex layer is breathable, letting in cool air and wicking out hot air.It doesn’t offer sufficient support to stomach and back sleepers who weigh more than 250 lbs.
Its gel layer absorbs heat and prevents it from accumulating in the mattress’s core like traditional memory foam mattresses.It doesn’t offer sufficient support to stomach sleepers who weigh between 130-230lbs.
Its cooling cover is antimicrobial to prevent bacterial build-up and mildew growth.
It provides excellent edge support — if you find yourself sleeping on the edge, you won’t feel like you’re falling.
It absorbs vibrations from tossing and keeps them from being transmitted to you or your partner while you sleep.
It offers awesome pressure relief around zones prone to muscle soreness, like hips and shoulders.
It contours to your body shape to promote a neutral spinal alignment.

Our Recommendations 

  • For people who enjoy the pressure relief that comes with all foam mattresses.
  • For hot and side sleepers.
  • For people who need edge support.
  • For couples who need motion isolation.

The Recore Mattress is ideal for hot sleepers who enjoy pressure relief with all-foam mattresses. Its silver-coloured cover is sewn to prevent bacteria and microorganisms that can cause odours and fast mattress degradation.

Underneath the silver cover, you’ll find a layer of perforated latex foam and gel foam that help to keep you cool. The synthetic layer has been infused with graphite for better performance at keeping you cool, which comes with natural cooling features.

Douglas Mattress

What We Like About the Douglas MattressWhat We Don’t Like About the Douglas Mattress
It’s environmentally sustainable since it’s made with 40% less carbon input.It doesn’t last as long as hybrid mattresses.
It relieves pressure points and absorbs excess body heat thanks to its 2-inch gel memory foam.It has an off-gassing smell that lasts for around 24 hours.
Its support foam layers provide firmness and support while reducing motion transfer.
It provides a neutral spinal alignment for average-weight side sleepers.
It offers excellent support and pressure relief to combined sleepers because of its medium foam firmness.

Our Recommendations

  • For people with body aches.
  • For side sleepers who weigh between 230-360 lbs.
  • For average weight back sleepers.
  • For average weight side sleepers.
  • For sleepers who share a bed.

The Douglas mattress is built with a 10-inch cooling gel memory foam and a layer of Elastex, synthetic latex. The gel memory and Elastex layer mimic your body shape and promote a neutral spinal alignment.

On the other hand, the support foam provides back support. This means you won’t experience muscle soreness and joint stiffness when you wake up. Not to forget, it comes with a breathable cover made out of Tencel to improve air circulation — it dissipates body heat and eliminates odour build-up.

Layla Hybrid Mattress

What We Like About the Layla MattressWhat We Don’t Like About the Layla mattress
It’s double-sided and comes with a firm and soft side. This makes it ideal for hotels and Airbnb, where sleepers have different firmness preferences.It might not appeal to sleepers who prefer a medium-firm mattress.
It’s comfortable for hot sleepers thanks to its copper-infused cooling gel foam.It might be too expensive for shoppers on a budget.
It has limited motion transfer for sleepers who share the bed.
It provides excellent edge support. If you find yourself sleeping on the edge, you won’t feel like falling off the bed.
It provides unmatched pressure point relief thanks to its memory foam layers.
Its pocket spring coils and support layer provides excellent support to prevent lower back pain.

Our Recommendations 

  • For sleepers who can’t decide whether they want a firm or soft mattress.
  • For sleepers who share a bed and need motion isolation.
  • The ideal mattress for hot sleepers.
  • For sleepers that need strong edge support.
  • For side sleepers, if they sleep on the soft side.

Are you torn between choosing a firm or softer mattress? Layla mattress is a revolutionary mattress designed with two sides, one side is firm, and the other is soft. This makes it an ideal choice if you’re in the hotelier business — whenever a new guest walks in, you can flip the mattress to suit their preferences.

Also, if you sleep hot or live in hot environments, the Layla will keep you cool as you sleep. More succinctly, it comes with a copper-infused layer that draws away unwanted heat from the body. Additionally, its pocketed coils system allows air to flow around the mattress; this helps to keep you cool and the mattress smelling fresh.

NUVANNA Mattress

What We Like About the Nuvanna mattressWhat We Don’t Like About the Nuvanna mattress
It supports a healthy spine thanks to its contouring feature.It’s not ideal for sleepers who prefer a firm mattress.
Its gel foam layer is cool to the touch.It doesn’t offer sufficient support for back and stomach sleepers weighing more than 230 lbs.
Its supportive layer absorbs motion waves, so you won’t feel your sleeping partner waking up or moving around.
It’s responsive, so combined sleepers can quickly shift from one sleeping position to the next.
It offers to cushion support that helps to alleviate pain.
It’s ideal for side sleepers since it offers pressure point relief around the hips and shoulders.

Our Recommendations

  • For sleepers who share a bed.
  • For sleepers who prefer a plush feel.
  • For hot sleepers.
  • For shoppers on a budget.
  • For combined sleepers.
  • For sleepers experiencing back pain.
  • For side sleepers.
  • For sleepers who appreciate a responsive mattress.

If you’re a hot sleeper on a tight budget, it doesn’t get better than the Nuvanna mattress. It’s designed with a 2-inch adaptive foam layer containing phase-changing materials that keep you cool and plush to cushion your pressure points for the best sleeping experience.

Another thing, if you share your bed with your partner, this mattress’s second layer comprises 2 inches of open cell memory that prevents motion transfer. Besides that, the layer is resilient, so you won’t strain while shifting from one sleep position to the next.

Aslan Mattress

What We Like About the Aslan MattressWhat We Don’t Like About the Aslan Mattress
It features a thermo-regulating phase-changing material to keep you cool.It might not appeal to shoppers looking for a hybrid mattress.
Its gel foam layer cushion pressure points to prevent pressure build-up around your hips and shoulders.It might not offer sufficient support to heavyweight sleepers who are back and stomach sleepers.
It conforms to your body shape to promote a neutral spinal alignment. This way, you won’t wake up with body aches.
It’s made with durable materials, and for assurance, it has an unlimited warranty.
Its transitional layer, memory foam, absorbs vibrations to prevent motion transfer.
It is responsive, so combined sleepers don’t strain while shifting from one position to the next.

Our Recommendations

  • For hot sleepers.
  • For people who enjoy the body-hugging feel of a cooling foam mattress.
  • For sleepers with joint, back, and muscle aches.
  • For side sleepers.
  • For sleepers, back and stomach sleepers that weigh less than 130 lbs.
  • For combination sleepers.
  • For couples with different firmness preferences.
  • For sleepers who need optimum spinal support.

The Aslan Mattress is the best in the game regarding a medium-firm mattress. It is designed with a gel-infused foam layer and phase-changing material that work together to absorb excess body heat when it’s hot. This way, you can enjoy full restorative sleep.

What if you’re experiencing back pain? Thanks to the Aslan mattress active support foam,  it will keep your spine aligned to alleviate and prevent back pain. In addition to that, its gel memory foam will cushion your back to prevent further trauma.

How to Choose the Best Cooling Mattresses

Cooling Features

The first thing you need to consider when choosing the best cooling mattress is cooling features like:

Gel memory foams

Gel memory foam is a traditional memory foam infused with gel beads. Then again, unlike conventional memory foam beds that trap heat at the mattress’s core, the infused gel beads prevent heat build-up by dissipating excess heat.

Phase Changing Materials

Phase-changing materials can be found in yarn used to make thermo-regulating mattresses. It absorbs and releases large amounts of energy to keep a consistent temperature.

To put it into context, when you’re hot, the phase-changing materials absorb heat and store it to keep you cool. But when you start feeling cold, the phase-changing materials will sense the drop in temperature and release the stored heat to keep you warm.

Perforated Foams

Perforated foams have numerous tiny holes that help to give the mattress airflow. When you’re hot, the perforations will transfer the heat from you and let in cool air.

Type of Best Cooling Mattresses

Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses are designed using viscoelastic or latex that conforms to your body shape when you sleep. If you experience body aches, its contouring feature will help relieve pressure and alleviate body pain.

On the flip side, some memory foam comfort layers tend to trap heat at the mattress’s core. So if you sleep hot, it might make it difficult for you to sleep. Instead, we recommend you purchase a latex foam mattress because of its natural cooling properties.

Innerspring mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are the oldest type of mattress. It uses a wired system and springs to create a support frame with cushioning.  Generally, a traditional innerspring mattress is usually cool but doesn’t last long.

Hybrid mattresses

A hybrid mattress combines layers of foam, latex, or gel and an innerspring system to achieve the best comfort and support. Nevertheless, for the best sleeping experience on a hot night, we would recommend a hybrid mattress with a gel or latex combination.

Not to forget, the inspiring arrangement lets in air and wicks out hot air to help you sleep cooler. Besides, it provides incredible motion isolation to keep you from being woken by your partner’s movement.

Mattress Firmness

Mattress firmness is what tells you how soft or hard a mattress is. Also, it’s important to note that mattress firmness is not a one size fits all situation. The firmness needed for a comfortable, pain-free sleep depends on your preferences, sleeping position, and body weight.

Some of the firmness options to choose from include;

  • Soft.
  • Medium soft.
  • Medium.
  • Medium firm.
  • Firm.

Firmness recommendations based on sleeping positions and body weight

  • Stomach sleepers weighing up to 130 lbs might enjoy a medium-firm mattress. While side sleepers might appreciate a soft mattress.
  • Side sleepers weighing 130-230 lbs might enjoy a medium-firm mattress, while combined sleepers might enjoy a medium-firm mattress.
  • Average-weight back sleepers and sleepers who weigh more than 230 lbs might prefer a firm mattress.

Mattress Cover Materials

Some of the cover materials to look out for when purchasing the best cooling mattress include:


Tencel is made from eucalyptus pulp or Beachwood that is processed into fiber and then fabric.  Why choose tencel?

Besides tencel’s hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties, it’s highly breathable. When you start feeling hot, it will let in air to keep you cool.

In terms of comfort, tencel is highly absorbent, so it helps to keep you dry when you sweat. On top of that, it’s as smooth as silk, so you’ll experience a luxurious feel as you sleep without paying as much as you would have for silk.


Most people think that wool is only ideal for keeping warm since its primarily used in makings sweaters, blankets, scarves, and mittens. However, just like phase-changing materials, wool is naturally capable of keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.

More succuntly, the natural crimp in wool helps to move moisture away from the skin — and in turn, releases cool air onto your skin to keep you cool.

Motion Isolation

If you have a restless sleeper partner, you must consider choosing a mattress with motion isolation. Most innerspring mattresses are a no-go zone if you want a peaceful night because some make a creaking sound.

We recommend purchasing either foam or hybrid mattresses for the best motion isolation. This is because they’re designed to absorb vibrations from your movements before they transfer to the next person.

Pressure Relief

If you’re constantly experiencing sore muscles when you wake up, it might indicate that you need an excellent mattress that offers sufficient pressure relief. To achieve this, you must choose a mattress with plush layers to cushion your pressure points.


We recommend purchasing a mattress with zoned support if you need extra support for your back. A cooling mattress with zoned support is designed with softer foam across areas that require pressure relief and more firmness where you need support, like the torso.

Shipping and Returns

When purchasing the best cooling mattress, it’s essential to check whether the shipping is free. The last thing you would probably want is to purchase a mattress and incur the extra cost of transportation.

Similarly, checking the return policies before purchasing a mattress is essential. This is handy when you want to return a mattress because the wrong firmness level or size was delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which mattress is the coolest?

All the mattresses in this guide are cooling — and it’s up to you to decide which one you prefer.

Which mattress in a box is the coolest?

The best cooling mattress in a box is the Helix Midnight mattress. This is because it’s designed with gel foam, phase-changing material, and a breathable support layer to help you keep cool as you sleep.

Which mattress is suitable for hot weather?

The best mattress for hot weather is the Puffy Lux Mattress. Besides its cooling properties, its cover is made of tencel which is cooling and breathable to ensure you stay cool and dry throughout the night.

What is a cooling hybrid mattress?

Most cooling hybrid mattresses are designed with a comfort layer, gel-infused foam layer, and individually wrapped pocket coils that facilitate airflow that keeps you cool.


If we were to choose the best cooling mattress in Canada, we would select the Hush mattress company. This is because it’s been constructed to keep you cool and provide comfort and support.

Nevertheless, all the mattresses on this list have impeccable cooling properties and are sure to improve the quality of your sleep.

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