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Nothing can beat a pocket coil mattress if you love a bouncy feel to your mattress. Pocket coil mattresses are famous for their zoned support, motion isolation, cooling properties, and durability. Not to forget, most pocket coil mattresses are incredibly supportive and will protect your back from strain.

Quick preview: Best Innerspring Mattress Canada

  1. Logan & Cove Luxury Mattress (Our Top Pick)
  2. Casper Wave Mattress (Best Comfortable Mattress)
  3. Noa Mattress (Best Durable Mattress)
  4. Brunswick Mattress (Best Motion Isolation Mattress)
  5. SUI LONG Mattress (Best Cooling Mattress)
  6. BedStory Mattress (Best Affordable Mattress)

Hold tight if you’re wondering how a pocket coil mattress differs from an innerspring mattress. In this article, we’ve discussed the best pocket coil mattresses and their difference from innerspring mattresses.

Let’s get right into business.

Logan & Cove Luxury Mattress

What We Love About the Logan & Cove MattressWhat We Don’t Like About the Logan & Cove mattresses
It has two firmness options to appeal to a wide range of sleepers.Doesn’t offer sufficient support to heavyweight sleepers.
It’s a luxury mattress thanks to the Tencel fiber.
It keeps hot sleepers cool thanks to its gel foam layer and breathable cover.
It has a medium-firm feel that offers comfort and support to average weight combined, back, side, and stomach sleepers.
Its foam layers conform to your body shape to relieve and prevent aches.
Its single pocket coils promote a neutral spinal alignment.
It has a thick layer that absorbs vibrations from your partner’s movement to prevent disturbance.

Our Recommendations

  • For people who share a mattress and need motion isolation.
  • For sleepers who prefer a mattress that balances comfort and support.
  • For consumers that are cautious about the environment.
  • For sleepers who require a medium-firm mattress.
  • For sleepers that enjoy a medium-firm feel.
  • For people who want a mattress with excellent edge support.

The Logan & Cove mattress is a luxurious pocket coil mattress that appeals to all sleeping positions thanks to its medium-firmness. Besides that, it’s constructed with a pillow top that offers incredible comfort and pressure relief.

Regarding pressure relief, its second layer is made of gel foam that conforms to your body shape while dissipating excess heat. On the other hand, its pocket coil construction offers support to promote a neutral and healthy spinal alignment.

Casper Wave Mattress

What We Like About the Casper Wave MattressWhat We Don’t Like About the Casper Wave mattress
It offers excellent lumber-zoned support thanks to its soft foam that fills up the back to cushion it from pressure.Sleepers who weigh more than 230 lbs might not receive enough support from this mattress.
Its pocket coils provide zoned support, so side sleepers enjoy a cushioning feel around the shoulders and hips to prevent muscle soreness.Average-weight stomach sleepers might appreciate a firmer mattress.
It’s highly responsive, so combination sleepers won’t strain to shift from one sleeping position to the next.
It has a breathable layer that lets in cool air and wicks out cold air to achieve a suitable sleeping temperature.
It offers sufficient support to lightweight stomach sleepers by supporting their torso and keeping the hips from sinking in too deep to throw off your spinal alignment.
It promotes uninterrupted restorative sleep for sleepers that share a mattress since its wrapped pocket coils limit motion transfer between sleepers.

Our Recommendations

  • For couples who need motion isolation
  • For Canadians who sleep hot
  • Sleepers who need pressure relief
  • For optimal spinal alignment
  • Perfect edge support perimeter
  • For sleepers who enjoy a responsive mattress.

Are you searching for the best medium-firm, bouncy, and supportive pocket coil mattresses? If yes, you might want to consider the Casper Wave mattress. This is because it’s built with plush foams and a spring pocket coil to offer pressure point relief and comfort.

If you suffer from back pains, this mattress offers excellent contouring properties that help to alleviate pain. On top of that, its supportive layer is firm enough to keep your spinal alignment from being thrown off.

Noa Mattress

What We Like About the Noa MattressWhat We Don’t Like About the Noa Mattress
It’s made of natural materials that are biodegradable and recyclable.It doesn’t offer sufficient pressure relief to lightweight side sleepers.
It offers fantastic back support to all back sleepers.It might be a bit soft for heavyweight stomach sleepers.
It’s responsive thanks to the latex and pocket coil construction. You won’t strain to move around if you’re a combined sleeper.It might be pricey for shoppers on a strict budget.
It’s made of materials that are free from toxins.
It’s hypoallergenic, making it ideal for sleepers prone to allergies.
It sleeps cool because its comfort layer consists of wool that helps to dissipate heat while acting as a fire retardant. On top of that, its cover is engineered with phase-changing materials that help to regulate your temperature.
Its layer consisting of Tulay contours to the shape of your for pressure relief and a neutral spinal alignment.
Its latex layer works together with the pocket coil to dissipate excess heat from hot sleepers.

Our Recommendations 

  • For sleepers who love making eco-conscious mattresses
  • For sleepers who love a responsive mattress
  • For sleepers looking for a durable mattress
  • For combined sleepers
  • For lightweight stomach and back sleepers
  • For people looking for a hypoallergenic mattress.

The Noa Mattress is an excellent choice for sleepers who love to make an environmental difference with every purchase. To begin with, it’s constructed with latex and tancel produced from trees. This means they’re biodegradable and help minimize the earth’s carbon footprint since millions of trees are planted to produce tencel and latex.

In terms of performance, this mattress’ latex and pocket coil duo make it highly bouncy. This means combined sleepers won’t have difficulty moving around on the mattress. On top of that, it offers fantastic back support to all back sleepers, preventing back pain and strain.

Brunswick Mattress

What We Like About the Brunswick mattressWhat We Don’t Like About the Brunswick mattress
It has an affordable price pointSleepers who prefer a firm or soft feel might not appreciate it.
It offers unmatched comfort thanks to its euro-style pillow top.Strict stomach sleepers will not receive enough support around their torso, causing spinal strain.
Its gel foam layer contours to your body shape and dissipates excess heat.Heavyweight weighing more than 250lbs might sink in too deep and throw off their spinal alignment.
Its foam layers are made with soybean byproducts making them more eco-friendly.
Its pocket coils offer zoned support to distribute weight across the mattress evenly.
Its medium-firmness offers balanced support and comfort to a wide range of sleepers.
It offers excellent edge support. If you love sitting at the edge of the bed, you won’t experience that slanting feel.
Its polyester and hemp blend cover is breathable to prevent moisture from being trapped inside the mattress and producing musty odours.

Our Recommendations

  • For couples that share a bed and need motion isolation.
  • For hot sleepers
  • For shoppers on a strict budget
  • For sleepers who need a mattress that strikes a balance between comfort and support
  • For combined sleepers looking for a responsive mattress

You don’t need to break the bank to afford a pocket coil mattress. The Brunswick mattress comes with a reasonable price tag without compromising comfort and support for combined, back, and side sleepers. Besides that, it’s engineered with comfort layers that conform to your body shape to help relieve pressure points and alleviate pain.

Moreover, if you share a mattress with a restless sleeper, the Brunswick mattress ensures that you enjoy undisturbed rest by absorbing all the vibrations and movement. Its pocket coils move independently and are wrapped so they won’t make noise while you sleep.

SUI LONG Mattress

What We Like About the SUI LONG mattressWhat We Don’t Like About the Apollo Mattress
Its cooling gel foam layer helps hot sleepers to regulate their body temperature for the best comfort.It doesn’t offer as much bounce compared to other mattresses in this guide.
It has a plush feel and gives side sleepers pressure relief around the hips and shoulders.It doesn’t offer excellent edge support.
It promotes full restorative rating sleep because it offers to cushion comfort.It’s not firm enough for strict stomach sleepers.
Its 2-inch comfort layer absorbs vibrations from movement to prevent disturbance among sleepers that share a mattress.
Its pocket coils move independently to achieve customized support for every sleeper.

Our Recommendations 

  • For sleepers with back and muscle aches.
  • For sleepers who need a hypoallergenic mattress.
  • For side sleepers who require pressure relief.
  • For sleepers that enjoy a hugging mattress.
  • For sleepers who feel too hot while they sleep.
  • For sleepers who enjoy a bit of bounce on their mattress.
  • For people looking for an entire mattress that can offer a neutral spinal alignment and pressure relief.

The SUI LONG mattress is for you if you’re looking for a pocket coil mattress that can ease muscle or back pain. To begin with, it’s constructed with a 7-zone system that provides corresponding support. This means it will ease the pressure that causes pain around your back, neck, shoulders and hips for the best comfort as you sleep.

In addition, this pocket coil mattress is made of a 3D printed and a gel memory foam comfort layer. When you’re hot, it will dissipate heat and absorb your sweat. This way, your sleep won’t be disrupted by sweat or feeling extremely hot or wet.

BedStory Mattress

What We Like About the BedStory mattressWhat We Don’t Like About the BedStory is
It’s made with a cover that is hypoallergenic to keep out dust mites, mold or any other thing that can trigger allergies.Its night sleep trial is only 30 days.
Its foam mattress construction works together with its single pocket coil construction to evenly distribute body weight and cancel out pressure.
Its breathable cover and cooling gel foam layer absorb excess body heat and dissipate it to keep you cool as you sleep.
It has a CertiPur-US certification which means it’s free from toxins.
It promotes a neutral spinal alignment to prevent lumbar back pain.

Our Recommendations

  • For sleepers who need superior support and pressure relief. 
  • For combined sleepers. 
  • For average weight side sleepers. 
  • For couples that share a bed.
  • For sleepers with allergies. 
  • For sleepers that require a mattress that promotes a neutral spinal alignment.
  • For people who sleep hot.
  • For shoppers on a budget

The BedStory mattress is a dream come true for anyone looking for a pocket coil mattress that can offer superior support and comfort. To begin with, it’s constructed with a 7-zone system that can take care of specific pressure points. This means you won’t experience pain around the shoulders and hips if you’re an average-weight side sleeper.

On the other hand, its support layer, including the pocket coils, offers incredible back support. This way, your spinal cord won’t be thrown out of alignment, causing back pain and strain when you sleep.

Benefits of a Pocket Coil Mattress

Less Motion Transfer and Noise

A pocket coil mattress is for you if you’re a light sleeper who shares a bed with a restless sleeper. Unlike innerspring, pocket coils are individually wrapped to respond independently to pressure. This means your sleep will not be interrupted by movement from your sleeping partner.

Another fantastic thing is that spring coils are noise-free; you won’t hear creaking sounds when your partner turns. This ensures that you enjoy full restorative sleep without interruptions.

Provides customized Support

Pocket Coil mattresses offer customized support because they’re individually wrapped and move independently from one another. To put it into context, when you sleep on it, it will immediately conform to your body shape. As a result, you will get the right amount of pressure relief and support.

That being said, each pocket coil will ensure you get quality sleep, free from aches. It will promote a neutral spinal alignment that will help improve your posture and overall productivity throughout the day.

They offer excellent temperature control.

Sometimes mattresses use dense memory foams that trap heat on top of pocket coils. Fortunately, the pocket coil layer improves air circulation to help dissipate excessive heat build-up to keep you cool.  This way, hot sleepers can enjoy comfort and high sleep quality free from interruptions.

They Last Longer

Despite the huge price tags that come with pocket coil mattresses, they’re the most durable compared to the innerspring and memory foam layers. This is because the materials used in constructing pocket coil mattresses are firm.

Also, pocket coil mattresses last longer than inspiring mattresses because of the construction — the individually wrapped pocket coils give the mattress durability as opposed to the interlinked innerspring construction.

Things To Consider When Purchasing The Best Pocket Coil Mattress

Coil Gauge

The coil gauge number is what tells you how firm a mattress is. If a gauge number is low, it means the coil is thick. More succinctly, the mattress coil gauge runs from 12-15.

If you want a firmer mattress, you’ll need to select a mattress with a gauge of between 12-13. On the other hand,  if you want a pocket coil mattress that’s plusher, you’ll need to pick a higher gauge number, like 14 or 15.

Did we mention that mattresses with lower gauges generally last longer? This is because thicker pocket coils wear out slowly, giving you a run for your money.

Mattress Coil Count

When choosing a pocket coil mattress, we recommend that you stay away from ones engineered with few pocket coils. Although the ideal mattress coil count is hard to quote because of varying mattress sizes, ideally, full-size mattresses should comprise at least 300 coils. At the same time, queen mattresses should have at least 400 coils and king mattresses at least 480 coils.

Then again, keep in mind that choosing a pocket coil mattress with a coil count that is much greater than the minimum might not guarantee you better comfort. But if you’re looking for back support, you should stick to mattresses with a coil count between 1000-1500.

Type of Coil and Construction

Another essential thing to consider when purchasing a pocket coil mattress is the coil type.  Here are the main types of coils;

Pocketed coils

Pocketed coils, also known as Encased or Marshall coils, are individually wrapped in a textile to reduce motion transfer and noise.  These coils are primarily used in high-end mattresses because of the amount of skill used to manufacture them.

Hourglass Coils

The Hourglass coil is the most popular type because it’s cheap to construct.  Hourglass coils can be further divided into subtypes, the Bonell and Offset hourglass coils.

Bonell coils are primarily found in cheaper mattresses. Nevertheless, they’re pretty strong and prevent sagging because of their wound design. In addition, the design also helps the surface remain flat regardless of the amount of pressure. These features make it ideal for sleepers looking for a mattress that can offer excellent back support.

Offset hourglass coils are engineered with an hourglass design. This type of coil is highly flexible, so when pressure is exerted, it conforms to your body to prevent aches.

Continuous coils 

Continuous or miracle coils have an interlinked structure with an S shape curve. Mattresses with this structure have been said to be the most durable and stable.

Sleeping Position

To get the best out of a pocket coil mattress, you must purchase one that suits your sleeping position.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need pressure relief around the hips and shoulders. To achieve this, choose a pocket coil mattress that can compress around the hips and shoulders to prevent pain.

Back Sleepers

If you’re a back sleeper, you’ll need to choose a firm yet conforming mattress to fill the gap in the lumbar region. This way, you won’t experience back pain when you wake up.

To achieve this, we recommend a medium-firm pocket coil mattress for average-weight sleepers. While for heavyweight sleepers, we would recommend a firm pocket coil mattress.

Stomach sleepers

If you’re a stomach sleeper, you will appreciate a pocket coil mattress with firm foam. This supports your torso and keeps your hips from sinking and arching the spine.


For durability, you should try a mattress with a foam layer at the top and bottom. You can frequently rotate the mattress to prevent sudden sinking or body imprints.


Another essential thing to consider when purchasing a mattress is the size. The last thing you would want is to purchase a mattress that is too small for you and your partner and have to return it. On the other hand, it wouldn’t make sense to purchase a mattress that is too big; it takes up all the room in your house.

When purchasing a mattress, remember to measure your room and calculate which mattress best your room size and sleeping needs.


Mattress purchase is a significant investment for most people. It’s essential to keep an eye out for a mattress built with durable metal. Another thing, we would recommend that you choose a mattress with a spill-resistant waterproof cover that is removable to keep it from disintegrating faster than you bargained for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pocket coil mattress?

A pocket coil comprises metallic coils individually wrapped in fabric to reduce motion transfer and noise.

What is the difference between a pocket coil mattress and a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattresses and pocket mattresses are the same. Most hybrid mattresses use pocket coil layers. However, occasionally, you might encounter a hybrid mattress with an innerspring construction.

How many coils should a pocket coil mattress have?

The amount of coils on a pocket coil mattress depends on how firm or soft you need the mattress to be. However, ideally, if you want a firm mattress, you should look for a mattress with up to 1500 coils.

How long does a pocket coil mattress last?

Ideally, a pocket coil mattress should last between 8-10 years. Of course, some hybrid mattresses can even last for 20 years, depending on the materials used to construct them and how frequently you use them.

What is the difference between a pocket coil and a coil spring?

Pocket coils are more supportive than coil springs. Besides that, coil spring is interconnected and therefore doesn’t transfer motion among sleepers.


To summarize, this guide’s pocket coils are constructed with durable materials to offer long-lasting comfort, support, and pressure relief. All you have to do is click the link and purchase one that suits your needs and budget.

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