Best Affordable Mattress in Canada

Mattresses are a significant investment that can set you back a few thousand dollars. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case, and we understand if you can’t all spend that much on a mattress. That is why we’ve developed a guide on the best affordable mattresses in Canada that can offer awesome comfort, support, and durability.

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Quick Answer: Best Affordable Mattress in Canada

  1. Juno Mattress: Best Overall
  2. Recore Mattress: Best hypoallergenic
  3. Nectar Mattress: Most Durable
  4. Plank Mattress: Best for heavyweight sleepers 
  5. Helix Dusk Mattress: Best hybrid mattress

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Juno Mattress

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
It provides excellent pressure reliefIts cooling gel foam is average
Ideal for heavyweight and lightweight side sleepers
It comes with a 15-year warranty.
Responsive bounce that makes it easy to get in and out of bed 
It offers excellent spinal alignment. 

Juno mattress is a budget-friendly mattress that offers you high-value comfort and support. It comes with a medium firmness level that appeals to a wide range of Canadian sleepers. To put it into context, if you’re a heavyweight side sleeper, it will cushion your hips and shoulders to prevent soreness. Also, the lightweight stomach and back sleepers benefit from back support, thanks to its firm support.

The Juno mattress strikes an awesome balance between comfort and support for average-weight sleepers. Its comfort layer help to relieve pressure points by distributing your body weight evenly across the mattress. Beyond that, it promotes a neutral spinal alignment to prevent back pain and improve posture. 

If you have a restless partner who keeps tossing and turning or a pet that jumps on the bed, this all-foam bed absorbs motion and keeps it from transferring. This means your, and your partner’s REM sleep (crucial for overall wellness) won’t be disrupted.

Did we mention it’s fitted with a dry viscose polyester knit cover that wicks out moisture from the surface? This helps to keep the mattress fresh and free from musty irritating smells that might make it hard to sleep.  However, the cooling gel memory foam is average if you sleep hot, especially in summer.

Recore Mattress

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Designed with excellent cooling featuresToo soft for stomach sleepers weighing more than 130lbs
Suitable for the stomach, back and side sleepersIt doesn’t offer sufficient edge support
It’s hypoallergenic
It has a removable, washable cover.
It’s made of durable, high-density foam.
Promotes a neutral spinal alignment 

This 10.5-inch mattress is constructed with four layers of synthetic latex, memory foam, and high-density polyfoam. At the very top is a dark unique cover made of silver thread that can resist microbial build-up. Additionally, it’s removable, so you can wash it in the machine. This way, it won’t accumulate allergens like dust mites or pollen that can cause discomfort or snoring as you sleep.

Regarding allergies, if you’re allergic to natural latex, you don’t have to worry since this mattress is made of synthetic latex. Just like natural latex, synthetic latex is resilient and has a bounce; you can quickly get in and out of bed. Moreover, since the latex is graphite infused, it does an excellent job keeping hot sleepers cool

Besides the graphite-infused latex, it has another cooling layer below that works as a thermal superhighway and hugs your body to relieve muscle tension. This promotes relaxation, essential to prompt restorative sleep that facilitates cell repair and improved cognitive skills. 

Regarding support, its three-layer performance foam firmness level is fit for back, stomach, and side sleepers. Beyond that, it offers excellent pressure relief across the body to prevent muscle soreness, joint pain, and stiffness.

Nectar Mattress

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
It has a lifetime warranty and a 365-night trial period It’s not resilient enough for some sleepers
It offers incredible motion isolation
Suitable for heavyweight side sleepers and all average weight sleepers
It helps to relieve joint, hip, and back pain.
Promotes a neutral spinal alignment

Nectar all-foam mattress is one of the most popular mattresses in Canada because of their affordable price point and durability. To clear your doubts about durability, this mattress comes with a lifetime warranty that guarantees you value for money; if it has a manufacturing defect,  the manufacturers will fix it. 

It comes with a 365-night sleep trial, and you can return it to the manufacturer if it’s not offering you sufficient comfort and support. However, before you return it, the company will give you a 30-day break-in period to see if you can adjust to its firmness level. 

If you sleep hot, you’ll no longer have sleepless nights thanks to its 3-inch gel memory foam layer that works as a thermoregulator. It will dissipate excess heat from your body heat on hot nights. Similarly, it comes with a breathable cover to wick out any heat that can get trapped in the mattress’s core. 

However, it’s not as resilient as some sleepers would wish. It also might have an off-gassing smell that some sleepers could find irritating. Nevertheless,  the smell vanishes after a few days. This makes it a small price for comfort.

Plank Mattress

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
It comes with a cooling gel to regulate the temperatureNot ideal for lightweight and average-weight side sleepers 
Suitable for sleepers who weigh more than 230lbs
Promotes a neutral spinal alignment
Ideal for back and stomach sleepers
Offers excellent  edge support

The Plank mattress is for you if you weigh more than 230 lbs. Made with firmness levels ranging from 8 to 10, it’s sure to offer support without sinking in too deep. Besides, it helps keep your spinal alignment in check to prevent lower back pain and improve posture. 

For stomach and average-weight back sleepers, this mattress will keep the torso from sinking too deep; you won’t have difficulty sleeping due to discomfort. Apart from that, its high-density titan foam contours the body’s shape to cushion joints and eliminate tension that aggravates or triggers pain.

Its PCM coolant-infused surfaces are designed for temperature regulation on hot nights. It also has bouncy properties that make it easy to get in and out of bed. Better yet, it also lengthens the mattress’ life because it bounces back to its shape after you get up. 

The deal-breaker is that it doesn’t offer the best motion isolation. If you have pets that jump on the bed when you’re sleeping or a restless partner, your sleep might be disrupted.

Helix Dusk Mattress

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
It features pressure-relieving memory foamIt has an off-gassing smell
Suitable for most sleeping positions
Excellent motion isolation
Promotes a neutral spinal alignment 
It provides excellent pressure relief 
It’s durable for a cheap mattress. 

Helix Dusk is a medium-firm mattress ideal for back and stomach sleepers. More succinctly, its pocketed coils system keeps the torso from forming a C shape that causes lower back pain. Thanks to its remarkable ability to offer a neutral spinal alignment, the dusk mattress is a good option for people who suffer from back pain. 

Its dynamic foam combines the benefits of latex and foam to come up with a resilient and bouncy mattress. It also contours the body to cushion pressure points like hips and shoulders to prevent soreness. 

If you’re still not convinced, this mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial, so if the firmness level doesn’t suit you, you could always return it. Similarly, it comes with a 10-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

In terms of support, its numerous pocketed springs offer ideal zoned support to back and stomach sleepers. In addition, if you’re a light sleeper, the foam layers absorb movement, so you don’t get distracted when your partner wakes up.

What to Expect When Choosing Affordable Canadian Mattresses 

Under just $1000

With a price range of just under $1000, you might get a decent memory foam, hybrid, or pillow-top mattress. For people who prefer the hugging feel of memory foam beds, you’re sure to get the best quality at $1000 because they’re generally cheaper.  Then again, keep in mind that although memory foam mattresses are cheap, they still have different attributes.

Memory foam has different densities; the higher the density, the better the performance. You will likely come across numbers ranging from 2.5-7.0 lbs, with 7 being the best quality. Low-density foams aren’t the best since they contain fewer mattress materials. This means they’ll soften and sag faster than you bargained for and probably serve you for five years or less. 

If you come across a mattress that combines low and high-density foam, it will offer awesome pressure relief and support without sagging fast. The best budget mattress in Canada will last you for 8 to 10 years.

Under $500

With under $500, you’re still in a good position, especially if you’re willing to take advantage of discounts.  You might find a few hybrid mattresses for $500, but the coils might not stand the test of time. 

Similarly, if you’re not careful, you might end up with a low-density memory foam mattress that doesn’t offer sufficient comfort and support. In the long run, you might spend more money nursing joint, muscle, and back pain caused by the mattress.

But the sinking part might not be wrong if you enjoy the feeling, provided you don’t develop back pain. Nevertheless, be warned that back, stomach, and combination sleepers should avoid sinking mattresses.

Under $100

With under $100, your options are more limited. If you want something other than air mattresses, we advise you to look for discount sales, especially around the holidays. 

Also, if you don’t mind buying a second-party mattress that has been mainly owned, you could check out Craigslist or a Facebook marketplace (you might be lucky to find a mattress from a guest room that hasn’t been used too much). When you find one,  don’t forget to clean it thoroughly and put it in a mattress cover.

Things to Consider When Purchasing The Best Affordable Mattress in Canada


To choose the best affordable mattress, you should consider the type you want. This is because certain mattress types are more expensive than others. If you want an extremely affordable mattress, you would want to look at the hybrid or memory foam options because they have a lower price than latex mattresses.

Of course, that’s not to say you won’t find great deals on other mattress types like pillow-top, layered, or high-density foam. But if you do, the materials won’t be top tier as the more premium brands.

The time length you intend to use the mattress. 

The most crucial factor to consider when purchasing an affordable, quality mattress is how long you want it to last. For instance, if you intend to sleep on a mattress for several years, chances are you will need to spend a bit more. Specifically, you would have to budget between $600 and $ 1000 to get a mattress that lasts between eight and ten years.

Moreover, a mattress within that price range comes with a more extended warranty.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more short-term, you have numerous cheap options. However, we must warn you that if you keep up with the cheap options for an extended period, you could spend twice as much as you would have on a premium mattress. This is because the cheapest mattress doesn’t last longer than premium mattresses.


If you’re going to sleep on a mattress every night, you would want to choose one that will offer you the best comfort and support for a peaceful night’s sleep. This is because good sleep will determine your level of productivity during the day. You’ll need to spend a bit more to get a decent mattress that won’t sag and cause discomfort.

However, if you’re looking to buy a mattress for the guest room, you could always get a cheap option. Of course, we presume you don’t have visitors who sleep over every day so the mattress won’t be under too much pressure. 

Then again, remember that even though you’re purchasing a budget mattress, it should still offer support and comfort to prevent body aches. The only shortcoming should be the grade of the materials used to make the mattress.


Your weight will determine the firmness and quality of the mattresses you purchase. If you weigh more than 230 lbs, cheaper options might not be ideal since they’ll end up sagging after short-term use due to the pressure you exert. You might need to invest in a higher-quality mattress to prevent joint, muscle, and back pain.

Cooling properties 

If you sleep hot, some memory foam mattresses can cause a lot of discomfort because they trap heat. To solve this problem, you should look for an affordable mattress with breathable and heat-resistant covers, gel-infused memory foam, open-air cells, and copper and graphite-infused layers.

Number of people sleeping on the mattress

If you’re sleeping solo, a twin-size mattress might suit you just fine because you don’t need the extra space. This makes it cheaper than a king or queen-size mattress. Beyond that, you won’t need to look for extra features like motion cancellation. 

On the other hand, if you sleep with your partner, you might want to consider the higher-priced mattress that is bigger. Apart from that, you might want a mattress with customization options. For instance, one side can be cooler, softer, or firmer than the other side.

Sleeping position

If you’re a side, back or combination sleeper, you might need a higher-priced mattress to get targeted support. But if you’re a stomach sleeper, you can get away with a firm bed with little pressure relief.


When purchasing a budget mattress, keep an eye out for warranties; this way, if it gets damaged within the warranty period, the company you bought it from will fix it. We recommend reading the fine print since some mattress companies will require you to cater for half of the repair cost. 

Sleep trial

You must consider the sleep trial when purchasing a mattress, even if it’s cheap.  If the mattress isn’t supportive or comfortable in most circumstances, you could always return it and get a full refund or a replacement. 


Remember when we said some cheap mattresses might not last for more than five years? But that’s not always the case; if you keep an eye out for deals, especially on popular holidays, you might end up with premium mattresses for half the original price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I get the best mattress deals?

Besides discount coupons that are offered from time to time in various mattress sites, Look out for these holidays since most discounts center around them:

President’s Day
Memorial Day
Labour Day
Black Friday  
Christmas Day

Q. Are all low-budget mattresses low quality?

No, not all low-budget mattresses are low quality. Shopping for a mattress online could be affordable because most mattress sites don’t use middlemen. On top of that, some manufacturers have found methods to cut production costs to produce quality mattresses at affordable prices. 


If there were a prize for the best affordable mattress in Canada, it would go to Juno mattress. This is because it’s affordable, durable, supportive, and comfortable. 

Nevertheless, any Canadian mattress in this guide is top-quality and will offer you exceptional service at a low budget.

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