The Best King Size Mattress in Canada

Did you know that 40% of male and 48% of female Canadians don’t find their sleep refreshing? Of course, these statistics are influenced by medical and environmental factors. Nevertheless, sleeping on a small crumpled-up mattress that doesn’t offer sufficient support, comfort, and thermal regulation greatly disrupts sleep.      

Quick Answer: Best King Size Mattress For Canadians

  1. Douglas Mattress: Best Overall
  2. Novosbed Mattress: Best for all sleep positions
  3. Ghostbed Mattress: Best comfortable mattress
  4. Logan & Cove Mattress: Best durable mattress
  5. Casper Wave Mattress: Best for pain relief
  6. Endy Mattress: Best low-budget mattress

Owning a comfortable and supportive king-size mattress encourages the four levels of REM sleep. More succinctly, REM sleep will improve your cognitive function throughout the day and facilitate pain relief in sore areas after vigorous day activity. 

To get the best mattress for your quality sleep, we’ve come up with a guide reviewing some of the best king-size mattresses on the Canadian market.    

Let’s jump right into it.

Douglas Mattress

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Constructed using Eco-friendly materialsIt’s not suitable for back and stomach sleepers who weigh over 230lbs 
It has a 15-year warranty 
Designed to Isolate motion
Offers top-notch comfort
Excellent pressure point relief 
Offers unbeatable back support 

Topping our list is the Douglass king-size mattress because of its high-quality build, affordable price point, and ability to offer pressure point relief for all sleeping positions. Its upper layer boasts a 2-inch luxury eco-light cooling gel for contouring comfort and a cooling effect. 

To put it into context, this mattress cooling gel will absorb your body heat when temperatures are high and disperse it to ensure that you won’t wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, causing discomfort. On the other hand, its contouring properties set your spine into a neutral alignment to prevent back pain and improve posture.

Onto its second layer, made of premium 2-inch Elastex foam that mimics natural latex foam’s responsive and supportive properties but without the possibility of allergic reactions. The best part is if you suffer from joint pain or arthritis, this layer will ensure a smooth transition while you shift your sleeping position to prevent joint stiffness and strain.

Like millions of tiny pocket spring coils, the Douglas mattress’s 6-inch support layer helps isolate motion and provide back support. If you have a partner who keeps tossing and turning or pets that jump on your bed while sleeping, you won’t feel a thing.

Lastly, this mattress comes with a washable top cover made of Tencel produced from eucalyptus trees. Also, its eco-light gel foam layer has 40% less carbon input than most mattresses.

Novosbed Mattress

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
It comes with antimicrobial foam It has no edge support 
It improves air circulation It doesn’t have a bounce
Excellent pressure relief 
Ideal for all sleeping positions 
It comes with a machine-washable cover. 

The Novosbed king-size mattress is ideal for anyone searching for an all-foam bed with a modern minimalistic design but with standouts in terms of value, comfort, construction, and quality. It has three options: firm, medium-firm, and soft; you can choose one that suits your sleeping position.

The Novosbed top layer pairs a quilted cover and crisp pale blue upholstery to form an elegant two-toned design. More impressively, when it’s allergy season, and it starts getting dust, pollen, and dirt build-up, you can remove it and toss it in your washing machine, and before you know it, the mattress cover is as good as new.       

Depending on the firmness level, the second layer is a memory foam that provides a hugging feel for comfort and distributes your weight across the mattress to relieve pressure points. You won’t wake up with a stiff neck, back pain, and sore muscles. Beyond that, it also helps to keep the spine in a neutral position to improve posture.

For couples, this Canadian mattress is solid in curbing motion transfer.  It will absorb the waves from your partner’s movement so you can enjoy deep sleep. Moreover, it will keep both of you cool, thanks to the billions of open-air cells in the memory foam that let in cool air and disperse the excess heat.

If you’re looking for more bounce, this mattress probably won’t appeal to you. Besides that, it doesn’t have reinforcement around the perimeter. So if you find yourself sleeping close to the edge for whatever reason, you’ll feel like you’re slipping off.

Ghostbed Mattress

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
It has a seven-blended foam layer It could be expensive for some buyers 
Designed using responsive non-allergenic latex
It’s highly breathable. 
It offers excellent edge support. 
It’s convenient if you sweat a lot. 

The Ghostbed mattress is engineered with an exciting mixture of gel-infused memory foam, aerated latex, and high-density polyfoam. This combination gives the mattress a medium plush feel on a firmness scale of 7.5; this is an ideal choice for a wide range of Canadian sleepers.

If you keep tossing and turning because it’s too hot, this mattress has a soft and breathable cover. It wicks out moisture from the bed when you sweat and lets in air to prevent the discomfort of sleeping on a wet bed. Similarly, its aerated latex works with the gel-infused memory foam to disperse heat build-up at the mattress’s core.

Regarding support and comfort, this Canadian mattress has contouring properties that cushion pressure points prone to muscle soreness. If you’re a back sleeper, who weighs between 130-230 lbs, this mattress will fill up the space around your lower back for better back support to prevent back pain and strain. Likewise, for stomach sleepers, it will keep your hips from sinking in too deep and straining your back.

Although this king-size mattress offers sufficient sleeping space, its edges are reinforced to keep you from feeling like you’re slipping off if you find yourself sleeping at the edge. Its latex layer also gives it extra bounce, so you can quickly wake up from bed without straining. On top of that, it offers excellent motion isolation to facilitate quality and interrupted sleep.

Logan & Cove Mattress

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
It has a luxurious feelFoam firmness could be inconvenient if you weigh less than 130lbs 
It offers excellent support to back and stomach sleeper 
It’s durable with support foam. 
It features motion-isolation foam. 
Suitable if you weigh over 230 lbs 

Tested and verified by Canadian engineers is the Logan & Cove king-size mattress. It has a solid five-layer comfort and support system consisting of foam and spring coils adding up to 14 inches. 

Its first layer is a comfortable pillow top with a breathable Tencel cover; this makes it organic and eco-friendly since it’s made of fiber from Eucalyptus trees. Underneath the cover is a blended filling of 5% silk and 95% Dupont Hollofill which gives the pillow top a luxurious feel and insulates your body heat when it’s cold.

When temperatures rise, and you can barely fall asleep, the pillow tops’ 1-inch Gel Visco foam will dissipate heat from the mattress to keep you cool and comfortable to achieve deep sleep. Finally, the last layer of the pillow top is another eco-friendly foam blend of organic Canadian soy oil polyurethane, which hugs the body to ease pressure points.

Transitioning from comfort to support is a 2-inch bio foam layer similar to the one in the pillow top but a bit firmer and an 8-inch zonal pocketed coils. If you’re a sleeper weighing more than 230 lbs, this mattress will offer you excellent back support without sagging faster than you bargained for.

If you’re a light sleeper who’s easily woken up by any slight movement from your partner, this mattress’s single-pocket coil system can prevent motion transfer.

Casper Wave Mattress

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
It offers zoned support to relieve pressure It’s expensive 
It’s a comfortable mattressIt doesn’t offer sufficient back support for sleepers who weigh 230lbs
It contours to the shape of your body
It has excellent motion isolation properties. 
It offers zoned pressure point relief. 

Are you torn between choosing an innerspring mattress and a memory foam mattress? The good news is that you can have the supportiveness of an innerspring mattress and the pressure relief of a memory foam mattress in the Casper wave.

Another good thing about this hybrid mattress is that it’s ideal for everybody. To put it into context, you will enjoy the same comfort and support if you have a different body shape and size partner. And the best part is its single pocket springs isolate potion to ensure that you and your partner enjoy REM sleep without any interruptions from movement.

Talking of movement, thanks to the bouncy innerspring coils and latex, this mattress offers an excellent response that adapts to movement. This way, if you’re a restless sleeper due to joint pain or conditions like arthritis, you won’t wake up with stiff and painful joints. 

This mattress’ top layer consisting of body-hugging foam, will jump into action and soothe the aches by providing zoned pressure point relief. Beyond that, it will maintain a neutral spinal alignment for better posture.

Another cool thing is that this mattress offers free shipping to your doorstep, and if you don’t find it comfortable, you have a 100-night trial; if you still don’t like it, you can return it and get a full refund.

Endy Mattress

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Excellent support for back, side, and combined sleepersIt’s not ideal for stomach sleepers
It has an affordable price pointSinks in too deep for sleepers that weigh more than 230lbs
Excellent contouring properties
It has a washable cover.
It offers awesome motion isolation.
It puts the spinal code in a neutral alignment 

For good reasons, the Endy mattress is one of Canada’s most popular king-size mattresses. Made with three all-foam layers, this mattress is in the middle of the firmness scale, offering comfort and support. For heavyweight side sleepers that weigh between 130- 230 lbs, it will cushion their hips and shoulders against soreness.

Similarly, combining the two plush top layers and one sturdy layer for average-weight-back sleepers provides a nice balance of comfort and support. This way, the Endy comfort layer will let your hips sink into the mattress while it contours to the body’s shape for back support. The comfort layer will also ensure that your spinal code alignment isn’t thrown off. 

If you snore due to sinuses, this mattress has a removable breathable multi-quilted cover that you can remove and throw into a washing machine to avoid dirt build-up that might trigger your allergies. Beyond that, a washable mattress cover means that your mattress will always smell and look good as new. Furthermore, since it’s breathable, you can be sure that it will make you solid when it’s too hot to sleep.

Most amazingly, if you’re worried about durability, this mattress has a high density and comes with a 10-year non-prorated warranty. This goes to say this mattress will give you value for money as long as you flip it from time to time.

Benefits of a King Size Mattress 

Unmatched Comfort from the extra space 

If you constantly find yourself in weird sleeping positions when you wake up, a king-size mattress is your best option. It offers you enough space to stretch your arms and legs. Similarly, if you’re a restless sleeper who shares a bed with a partner, you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep without finding your arms and feet all over your face.

Beyond that, if you’ve fallen off your bed in the middle of the night because of tossing and turning, a king-size mattress will keep that from happening again. Furthermore, a king-size mattress is convenient for mums who prefer sleeping with their babies; it gives them the confidence to sleep without the fear of rolling over the baby.

It helps to prevent strain and pain.

King-size mattresses are an excellent option for sleepers with health conditions like arthritis, frozen shoulder syndrome, tennis elbow, or neck problems since it helps relieve pressure points. Furthermore, it facilitates smooth transition while you toss and turn by cushioning your body parts prone to pain and strain, depending on your sleeping position.

Moreover, if you have arthritis or joint aches, the last thing you’d want is to sleep on the edge of a small mattress since it can worsen your condition due to cramping. On the other hand, a king mattress will offer you sufficient surface area for stretching;  this helps to relieve and prevent muscle and joint strain and pain.

Creates space for family time

A king-size mattress is fantastic for family bonding time if you have kids (or pets) that love jumping into bed with you. Not to mention, It can offer you and your kids enough room to read books or watch movies together  “depending on the size of your family.”

Accommodates most body types

Everyone has their preference for the amount of space they want to sleep in. However, when it comes to heavily built sleepers who are also tall, the extra space offered by king size mattresses ends up being a necessity because it will provide extra space around the feet so that you won’t have your feet hanging out in bed. 

Then again, if you and your partner are both heavyweight, you’ll probably need to purchase a California king to get extra space, comfort, and support for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Types of King Size Mattresses 

Traditional memory foam mattress 

Traditional memory foam or viscoelastic polyurethane foam was first developed by NASA for aircraft seats in 1966 to counteract the extreme pressure astronauts faced when they left and entered the earth’s atmosphere. Eventually, the use of memory foam was adopted by the mattress industry.

What’s more, if you prefer a mattress that offers personalized comfort, king-size traditional memory foam will contour to the shape of your body when you sleep to promote a neutral spinal alignment. Beyond that, it distributes your body weight evenly across the mattress to reduce pressure on the heavier parts to prevent joint stiffness when you wake up.

Most traditional memory foam king-size mattresses can last up to 15 years as opposed to the traditional spring mattress, which lasts an average of 8 years. Moreover, it’s excellent at retaining heat; you can remain warm and toasty during winter.

To get the best out of your memory foam layers, rotate it from head to foot and flip it to reduce the chances of depression from body weight.

Gel Memory Foam Mattress 

King size memory foam mattresses are built with high-density foam fused with a cooling gel layer or swirling liquid. If you sleep hot, the gel will absorb your body heat and disperse it to help you cool down. This way, you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat.

Besides thermo regulation, king size gel foam mattresses are breathable. This means it will wick out any moisture from the mattress and facilitate fresh air so that your mattress will smell fresh all night long. Also, just like traditional memory foam Canadian mattresses, the king-size gel foam mattress will give you value for money because they can offer you service of up to 10 or 15 years, depending on the density.

Coil/ Innerspring Mattress 

Surprisingly, the innerspring mattress is the oldest type, dating back to 1871. Today’s innerspring mattresses consist of an underlayer made of dozens to hundreds of metal springs and a plush top layer made of soft material like foam for comfort. 

If you’re heavyweight, you might appreciate a coil mattress because most of them offer back support that helps to ease the pain. It also aligns the spinal cord for back sleepers and generally improves posture.

Moreover, since most innerspring mattresses are made with individual springs, they’ll contour to the shape of your body and distribute your weight evenly. This can prevent muscle aches and pain around the shoulders, hips, and neck when you wake up.

Although the springs in king-size innerspring mattresses give it bounce that helps to change sleeping positions without staining easily, the coils wear out fast. That’s why the lifespan of most innerspring mattresses lies between 5.5 and 6.6 years which is extremely short compared to gel and traditional foam mattresses.

Hybrid Mattresses 

Just from the name, a hybrid mattress is a cocktail consisting of spring coils and layers of foam or other materials that offer cloud-like comfort. This type of mattress is ideal for a combination of sleepers because of its cushioning ease around the shoulders and hips for side sleepers. At the same time, its pocket springs offer unmatched pressure relief and support to all sleeping positions.

On top of that, its plush top layers contour to your natural shape, aligning your spine and distributing your body weight evenly. More impressively, it alleviates body aches and joint pains from the day. For hot sleepers, you can choose options constructed with temperature-regulating systems, like charcoal bamboo and cooling gel foam.

Latex Mattress 

Latex mattresses are formulated using a combination of either springs or reflex foam and latex. This makes it ideal for people who prefer firm mattresses with little to no body-hugging feel. Besides, latex foam mattresses offer rapid response to movement thanks to their elasticity, so you won’t wake up with sore muscles because of strains while changing sleeping positions. 

Regarding durability, since latex maintains its shape when you get up from the bed, it bounces back to its original shape instead of sagging. Beyond that, it’s low maintenance because it doesn’t require constant flipping and turning like memory or gel foam mattresses.

For sleepers with dust allergies, latex doesn’t easily trap dust mites; this will enable you to sleep comfortably throughout the night without developing sinuses. 

Surprisingly, latex Canadian mattresses are eco-friendly since they help to control the carbon footprint because thousands of rubber trees are planted to produce latex sap; they convert tons of carbon dioxide into oxygen yearly.

Things To Consider When Purchasing The Best King Size Mattress in Canada 


It’s one thing to want a king-size mattress and another to have the space for it. A standard king-size mattress in Canada is 76 inches by 70 inches. Based on those measurements, we recommend it for bedrooms 12 feet by 9 feet 10 inches. 

Besides that, your room should be able to leave a minimum of 30 inches for you to maneuver around the bedroom easily. The last thing you want is to purchase a mattress that cramps up your room, or even worse, one that can’t fit in your room and have to send it back.

Body type

A King-size mattress is ideal for most sleepers because of the extra space. However, the king-size mattress (or California king-size) is the only way for sleepers taller than six feet and two inches tall. It will offer a tall sleeper sufficient space to keep their feet from hanging below the bed and causing discomfort.

Firmness Level

Firmness in mattresses refers to the hardness or softness of a mattress when you lie on it. Nevertheless,  an extra soft mattress doesn’t always mean comfort since it’s relative. Choose a king-size mattress with a personalized firmness level to avoid pain and discomfort.

Extra Soft 1-2

Most sleepers avoid the extra soft mattress because its sinkage can be compared to a hammock. It offers close to zero support, and continuous usage reduces spinal alignment. 

Soft 3-4

If you weigh below 130 pounds, a soft or plush king-size mattress will offer you the best comfort. Most have a sinkage of 1.5-3 inches. This way, it contours to the shape of your body, cushioning and relieving the pressure points like the waist, shoulders, and hips so you won’t wake up with sore joints and muscles.

Medium 5-6

Did you know it’s estimated that 80% of Canadian sleepers prefer a medium-firm feel on their mattress? This is because it combines a soft touch and firmness to offer comfort and support for all sleeping positions as long as you weigh between 130-230 lbs.

Hard/ Firm 7-8

Firm king-size mattresses provide little sinkage compared to medium-firm mattresses. Nevertheless, if you weigh more than 230 pounds or sleep on your stomach or back, a firm mattress will offer unbeatable support to protect you against backaches.

Extra Hard/ Firm  9-10

This is the least preferred mattress since it’s extra firm. However, if you’re a black sleeper that weighs more than 250 lbs, an extra firm mattress might help reduce pressure on the circulatory system allowing for more oxygen intake while you sleep.

Similarly, extra firm king-size mattresses can facilitate increased blood flow. This will help to clean out metabolic brain waste as you sleep, so you’ll wake up feeling relaxed. More impressively, most firm mattresses last longer since they don’t compress easily from body weight.

Sleeping position

Back sleeper 

If you spend most of your sleeping hours on your back, most of your body weight tends to rest on your lower back. If you choose a king-size mattress that’s too soft, you’ll develop lower back pain because of the strain from it sinking in and forming a U.  

On the other hand, if the mattress is too firm, your lower back will be suspended, causing discomfort if you weigh less than 250 lbs. 

The best king-size mattress for back sleepers should be supportive with medium to light contouring to reduce pressure on the lower back.

Side Sleepers 

The best Canadian mattress for side sleepers should have a soft to medium firmness. It should also be body-hugging to cushion the shoulder and hips from pressure. On the other hand, a firm mattress will exert a lot of pressure on the hips and shoulders, leading to throbbing muscle and joint pain.

Stomach sleepers

Stomach sleepers, like back sleepers, exert pressure on the lumbar spine. Therefore, the best Canadian mattresses to choose would be a firm mattress to prevent the U-shape, which leads to backaches.

Combination sleepers

If you sleep in more than one position, we recommend choosing a medium-firm mattress for the best comfort and support across all sleeping positions.

Motion Isolation 

Motion isolation is essential if you have pets that jump in bed with you or a restless sleeper partner. This is because motion transfer can cause you to wake up several times at night, disrupting sleep. This means you’ll probably wake up feeling fatigued and irritable.

Cooling properties

Most people overlook the importance of cooling properties when purchasing the best Canadian mattress. However, if it’s too hot, chances are, you won’t be able to sleep soundly, which could improve your healing and improved cognitive function.

To enjoy peaceful, uninterrupted sleep, you’ll need to buy a king-size mattress with breathable covers and a gel-infused memory foam layer. These two will absorb heat from your body and dissipate it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are king-sized mattresses expensive?

The price of a mattress depends on the quality of the materials. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a king-size mattress that is durable but affordable, you’ll spend between C$759 to C$1,150.

Q. What is the shipping method for a king-size mattress?

If you purchase a mattress online in Canada, most mattress companies will deliver it to you in a bed-in-a-box package for free.  Moreover, to facilitate shipping and easy movement, the mattress is compressed inside a plastic package before being placed in a box. This Way, you’ll be sure they won’t come with bedbugs.

Q. What happens if the mattress firmness doesn’t offer you sufficient support?

Most king-size mattresses you buy online come with a trial period that’s a minimum of 100 nights. If you do not like the firmness level, you can return it and get a full refund.

Q. Why should I choose a king-size mattress?

If you’re tall or share a bed with kids, pets, or a partner, the extra space provided by a king-size mattress will provide comfort and support for a peaceful night’s sleep.


If we were to purchase the best king-size mattress made in Canada, we would choose the Douglas mattress because it is comfortable, durable, cooling, and with an average price point.

Nonetheless, all the mattresses we have reviewed in this article are of excellent quality and sure to offer you a peaceful night’s sleep.

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