Best pillows Canada 2023 For All Sleep Positions

If you replace your pillow with a better option, it’s not wise to go for a sagging old alternative pillow that will wear out in a few months. Finding the right pillow that’s most suitable for you may not come easy, especially without specific reviews.

Quick Answer: Top Rated Pillows In Canada

  1. Best Overall: The Endy Customizable Pillow
  2. Best Memory Foam Pillow: Casper Foam Pillow
  3. Best Bamboo Cover: The Hush Hybrid Pillow
  4. Best Down Alternative: BedStory Fluffy Fiber Sleeping Pillow
  5. Best Silk: QE Home SilkSurround Pillow With Microgel Core
  6. Best Down: White Goose Down Pillow
  7. Best Adjustable Pillow: The Henrie Adjustable Pillow
  8. Best Sleep Training Pillow: Sleep & Beyond Training Pillow
  9. Best Budgeted: Utopia Gusseted Pillow
  10. Best Supportive: Jollyvogue Supportive Pillow

However, you can purchase comfortable, soft, and firm pillows in Canada using the reviews contained in this guide.  

Our suggestions for the best pillows in Canada are mentioned below:

The Endy Customizable Pillow

What We Like About The Endy Customizable PillowWhat We Don’t Like About The Endy Customizable Pillow
Its design blends the benefits of adjustable memory foam with a soft down-like microfibre pillow fill to give you comfort.It provides a warm feeling that may not be suitable for hot sleepers.
It is a shredded memory foam pillow with expertly sized cuts that allow you to adjust the pillow loft to your preferred style.
Each size of the memory foam gives the exact level of support and alignment, making the adjustable pillow suitable for neck pain.
The pillow is customizable to fit all sleepers; back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers.
It has a 100% cotton cover which is breathable and mild on your skin.
It has a machine-washable shell for easy and gentle cleaning.

Our Recommendations:

  • For Canadians who prefer to wash their pillow shell and cases.
  • For individuals who desire a soft and plush pillow.
  • For sleepers experiencing head and neck pain.
  • For individuals in any sleeping position.
  • For sleepers who need help deciding on the ideal pillow loft they require.
  • For people who sleep warm and want a medium loft pillow.

Endy’s Customizable Cushion is a shredded memory foam pillow that can be tailored to your specific requirements. It’s entirely hypoallergenic so that allergy sufferers may breathe a bit better. The cover is machine washable and composed of 100% cotton, and a crushed microfibre lines the cover, making it soft and cozy.

Shredded memory foam fills the inside to satisfy all combination sleepers sufficiently. You may customize the cushion’s stiffness and loft by adjusting the fill level, and it’s ideal for any sleeping position due to its adjustable support.

Casper Foam Pillow

What We Like About The Casper Foam PillowWhat We Don’t Like About The Casper Foam Pillow
It is designed with snow technology comprising 4-strategically placed HeatDelete Bands to remove heat from your neck and head while you sleep.It is not adjustable to fit individuals’ variations in sleep style.
The infused snow technology can give you 12+ hours of more relaxed sleep.The snow technology does not come directly with the pillow. You need to pay for it separately.
It has hundreds of perforations that enhance breathability and ensures air continuously circulates while you sleep.
The memory foam has three layers of supportive foam—one inner layer to properly align your spine, head, and neck in all sleep positions. The two outer layers offer a huggable sensation and comfort.
It is crafted from the safest materials. The foam is certified by CertiPUR-US, while the pillow cover is OEKO-TEX approved.

Our Recommendations:

  • For Canadian hot sleepers who want a cooling and non-absorbing memory foam.
  • For users who prefer a washable pillow and cover.
  • Sleepers who desire extra neck support.
  • Those with different sleep styles prefer a firm pillow.

The Casper memory foam is one of the best on the Canadian market. Designed with modernized technologies to give you the best night’s sleep you long for.

In contrast to other memory foam pillows, the Casper pillow blends low- and high-density foams for an overall plush feel that keeps you wonderfully comfortable night after night.

The Hush Hybrid Pillow

What We Like About The Hush Hybrid PillowWhat We Don’t Like About The Hush Hybrid Pillow
The hush pillow is a hybrid of faux down and hush foam, simultaneously making it very soft and supportive.The Hush Hybrid Pillow perfectly serves every sleeper’s preferred sleeping position, and there’s nothing we don’t like about this perfect pillow.
It has a perforated bamboo cover that’s mild when touched and is also ultra-breathable with continuous airflow.
The hush pillow comes with innovative ICED technology implanted into the dual sides of the pillow, making sure you can access the coolness on both sides.
Its cover is 100% antibacterial and thus safeguards your skin from harmful toxins.
The bamboo cover has anti-wrinkle technology that keeps your face looking fresh and soft throughout the night.
The materials used in the foam are organically sourced and hypoallergenic, earning it the OEKO-TEX certification.
It comes with an adjustable inner pillow with extra stuffing and a free hush travel pillow to store the leftover filling and take it along wherever you go.
The cover is removable and machine washable; it doesn’t shrink after it’s washed.

Our Recommendations:

  • For hot sleepers who desire a cooling pillow.
  • For Canadians who wake with stiff necks.
  • For any sleeper having sleepless nights and trouble getting comfortable.
  • Those who love their sleeping environment are clean and tidy.

Hush Hybrid Pillow is entirely customizable. This pillow will accommodate sleepers in any position since the shredded Hush foam can be added or withdrawn to adjust the pillow filling. The cover is made entirely of bamboo, which is antimicrobial and easy to maintain. It lasts longer than other pillow options in terms of freshness and cleanliness.

The cover comprises organic and hypoallergenic fibers, making it ideal for eco-conscious sleepers and those who suffer from allergies. The cover also has anti-face wrinkle technology, making it considerably smoother to the touch than conventional covers.

BedStory Fluffy Fiber Down Alternative Sleeping Pillow

What We Like About The BedStory Fluffy Fiber Down Alternative PillowCons
The pillow filling contains 3D and 7D fibers that ensure its thickness and shape and provides comfortable support.The pillows are non-adjustable.
Its soft, fluffy, and polyester filling lets your head and neck sink comfortably while holding them in form.It doesn’t provide much of a cooling effect when you sleep. However, it’s breathable enough to prevent overheating.
Its luxurious and plush design gives you a cloud-like sensation while you sleep.
The pillow fabric is hypoallergenic and anti-wrinkle, providing a skin-friendly cool feeling while you sleep.
It can seamlessly be compressed to provide support in the areas you want.
It is machine washable, and the fibers in the pillow can be evenly distributed by simply tapping and shaking the pillow.

Our Recommendations:

  • They are ideally suited for back and side sleepers who want various firmness options.
  • For Canadians who prefer luxury and plush pillows.
  • Suitable for Canadians with susceptible to allergic conditions.
  • For eco-conscious individuals.

The BedStory Fluffy Fiber Down Alternative Pillow is fluffy and cuddly enough to put you to sleep immediately, and it will offer enough support to comfort you while you sleep.

QE Home SilkSurround Pillow With Microgel Core

What We Like About The SilkSurround Pillow With Microgel CoreCons
Its microgel core gives a down-like sensation similar to a gel memory foam.Side sleepers may not find this pillow suitable.
It has a quilted border surrounded by a sewn soft silk thread to prevent bunching and shifting.The pillow does not have any adjustable features.
The microgel and silk are hypoallergenic, which is excellent for surface-sensitive sleepers.
The microgel fiber helps regulate temperature, ensuring that you have a cozy and comfortable night’s rest,
The materials used in the pillow design are organic, skin-friendly, and OEKO-TEX certified.
It naturally rids off dust mites and lowers perspiration while sleeping.

Our Recommendations:

  • For lovers of medium-firm pillows.
  • Great for stomach and back sleepers.
  • For Canadians with a high level of skin sensitivity.
  • For individuals who prefer a temperature-regulating and cooling pillow.

In this exquisite, hypoallergenic pillow, hand-layered, and all-natural silk floss fill that combines with a sturdy microgel core, back and stomach sleepers can enjoy the best plush and luxury they desire in a pillow.

White Goose Down Pillow

What We Like About The White Goose Down PillowWhat We Don’t Like About The White Goose Down Pillow
It is constructed with a double needle stitch of 260 thread counts cotton that prevents the down from flattening.Does not provide enough support for the neck and shoulder.
It has about 575 loft goose down and also composes of small, fluffy clusters to give you a plushy, soft, and silky feel.It requires the use of its cover at all times.
It’s a soft pillow that holds the weight of the head properly.
The down pillow has three firmness options for individual sleep styles.
Its cotton shell befits any skin type.

Our Recommendations:

  • Sleepers who need softer pillows.
  • Canadians prefer to select their desired level of firmness.
  • Anyone who wants a new pillow in place of the old one.
  • Skin-sensitive sleepers.

Down pillows offer so much softness and comfort and are soft, silky, and compressible. This down feather pillow has tiny fluffy clusters that retain air and releases the air to support your head weight.

Those who love a soft, flatter-style, malleable pillow should go for the White Goose Feather Down Pillow.

The Henrie Adjustable Pillow

Our Recommendations:

  • For Canadian sleepers looking for good alignment while sleeping.
  • For those seeking a fluffy and plush-like foam.
  • Sleepers who want a durable and customizable pillow.
  • Lovers of shredded memory foam.
  • Sleepers who are tired of waking to neck pain.

The Henrie Adjustable Pillow satisfies all sleeping styles and positions while leveraging the need for good head and neck support and spine alignment. It is one of the best Canadian-made shredded memory foam and is suitable for all sleepers.

Sleep & Beyond Training Pillow

What We Like About The Sleep & Beyond Training PillowWhat We Don’t Like About The Sleep & Beyond Training Pillow
It helps you master the art of sleeping on your side or back.It can take a while before you adjust to the new sleeping position due to the pillow’s structure.
The pillow features a meticulous design that helps alleviate neck pains and headaches.Stomach sleepers may not find this training pillow suitable.
Its latex and woolly-fill material provide maximum comfort and relaxation while you sleep.
It comes in a high loft that is adjustable to suit your need.
It is naturally hypoallergenic; hence, people with allergies can safely sleep without worry.
It eliminates night sweats and overheating, similar to down feather pillows.

This pillow teaches you how to sleep correctly on your back or side. It is mainly used to treat several neck and shoulder disorders. It is fluffy on both edges and lowers at the center to properly align your neck and head.

Our Recommendations:

  • For back and side sleepers.
  • For Canadians seeking the perfect head and neck support pillow.
  • For individuals looking to get rid of the head, neck, and shoulder pain that occurs during sleep.
  • Those who are susceptible to allergies and skin irritation.

Utopia Gusseted Pillow

What We Like About The Utopia Gusseted PillowWhat We Don’t Like About The Utopia Gusseted Pillow
It’s a supportive, huggable, and soft pillow that provides optimum comfort without pain.It’s not suitable for people with allergies.
It’s one of the best pillows for side sleepers.It cannot be used immediately as you must wait 48 – 72 hours for the pillow to expand.
The pillow has a down alternative fiber filling and a polyester cotton blend cover that adjusts excellently to your preferred sleeping position.
It has a different brand of material called gusset that wraps around the edges to expand and increase the loft.

Our Recommendations:

  • For Canadians looking for the best pillow under $50.
  • For side, back, and stomach sleepers.
  • For people who want to prevent tension headaches and neck and shoulder pain.

The Utopia Gusseted Plush Fiberfill pillow gives a luxurious sleeping experience. It has been fluffed with high-quality fiber fill, which fluffs up tremendously to provide a comfortable sensation and a soothing sleep.

Furthermore, they are breathable and may be readily molded to offer support where it is required. Cuddle up with this soft, fluffy fiber-filled pillow for restful sleep.

Jollyvogue Supportive Pillow

What We Like About The Jollyvogue Supportive PillowWhat We Don’t Like About The Jollyvogue Supportive Pillow
They are down alternative pillows designed with sufficient plump firmness.It’s one of those down pillows with no flexible options.
It has a micro-poly fiber filling that makes the pillow breathable, cozy, and fluffy.
It comes with two well-stitched hotel-quality pillows.
It offers optimum comfort in any sleeping position and is great for sleepers with high loft.
It provides a cooling and supportive effect to the user, especially at the neck and head region.
It quickly returns to its original size after it has been clumped.

Our Recommendations:

  • For individuals seeking a firmer pillow.
  • Excellent for people in all sleep positions.
  • For Canadians who need a fully supportive pillow.

The Jollyvogue supportive pillows are ideal for anyone who like soft or firm cushions. The pillows are fluffy and comfy since they are filled with 100% micro-polyester fiber. It has a high-quality shell that makes the cushion breathable and skin-friendly. The cushion is machine washable, which improves maintenance, reusability, and attractiveness.

How to Choose The Best Pillow in Canada

You might believe that picking out a pillow is easy. However, some of the top pillows available in Canada have distinctive options, fills, and other features.

Choosing a pillow that will improve your sleep for years can be easier if you understand what these options mean. Here are some fundamentals you should be aware of when selecting a luxury pillow in Canada.

Fill Materials

The texture of your pillow will depend on the fill you select. Here are some of the most typical fill types and alternatives you can choose from on our list of suggestions.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a synthetic foam that adapts to your body and responds to body heat. Where you need support, memory foam provides it. Additionally, it keeps you aligned and supported and springs back quickly after use. Memory foam, though, can retain heat.

Down Fill Type

Duck or goose down is used to make the pricey material known as down in pillow terminology. Compared to the waterproof feathers outside of a duck or goose’s coat, these feathers used for down are smaller and softer. It is harvested ethically from domestic ducks and geese. Even though down is delicate, you’ll frequently notice quills poking through your natural down pillows.

Down Alternatives

Down is quite expensive and can cause several common allergies. Nevertheless, other substitutes can provide the same sensation without allergies. Popular down substitutes include Visco, silk, and microfiber. These choices, especially when paired with memory foam, can simulate the down sensation.

Regarding feeling and breathability, the pillow cover can make all the difference. Like bed sheets, most pillow coverings are made of 100% cotton or 100% cotton sateen. However, many pillows with bamboo and silk coverings are now available; these materials can be cooler than cotton with the proper aeration and breathability.

Cover Materials

Avoid materials like polyester if you want a luxurious pillow that won’t bother your skin.

Loft and Firmness

Although loft and firmness have slightly distinct characteristics, they are related in terms of pillows. Some sleeping positions require a different firmness selection for optimum comfort and alignment, and the loft is a crucial consideration.

The height of the pillow is known as the loft. The firmness of a pillow- how soft or hard it is- can directly impact how cozy and supportive it is.

Because it keeps their neck in line with the rest of their spine, back sleepers typically favour low to medium loft. Additionally, they favour a medium firmness.

Side sleepers need a firm pillow with a high loft for neck support. Maintaining a straight spine and neck is one of the best strategies to prevent pressure points and discomfort.

Soft pillows with a low-to-medium loft are best for stomach sleepers because they can keep them supported without forcing their lower back into an unpleasant posture.


There are three standard sizes for pillows. Although queen- and king-sized pillows are also available, standard pillows are the most popular. The measurements for these sizes vary according to the brand, so carefully examine each pillow’s dimensions before choosing.

In general, a twin or full-sized bed should have a regular pillow. King- and queen-sized beds should use pillows that are appropriate for their respective sizes.

Adjustable Pillows

Adding or extracting the fill may alter the firmness with adjustable pillows. Although different options and blends are available for other pillows, shredded memory foam is the most popular fill for an adjustable pillow.

You can alter the hardness and feel of the cushion by adding or withdrawing fill. Some Canadians might prefer this to the alternative. Although there are pillows with varying degrees of fundamental firmness, an adjustable pillow makes it easier to pick the one that feels the most comfortable for you. You are not required to remain with the choice that the business thinks best suits your sleeping habits.

Look for pillows that can be adjusted and have a travel pillow included. You can use all your extra fillings in this pillow, and it will be present and intact when needed. If not, search for clothing with simple zippers or other access points.

Temperature Regulation Features

As you sleep, you want your pillow to remain cool. It makes sense to select a luxury pillow with temperature regulation because we all like to sleep on the side of the coldest pillow. Some of the pillows we suggested are chilly on both sides, which is an attractive choice if you become too hot while sleeping.

Look for more excellent airflow, aerated foams, mesh lining, and breathable cotton covers. Some pillows may have bamboo covers or ventilated sides, which can lower the temperature. Standard materials include gel memory foams and a few specialized cooling substances. Do your research before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the estimated lifespan of a pillow?

A great pillow can remain durable for about 3-5 years while still providing the comfort you desire.

When should I replace my pillow?

When you notice that your pillow is losing its plush, aeration, and cooling effect, it’s time to replace it. Also, consider changing your pillow when you discover you’re becoming prone to allergies.

How regularly should the pillow be washed?

Twice a year, that is, every six months.

What is the most comfortable material for a pillow?

Anything from a latex pillow, memory foam, silk, wool, and cotton materials, is comfortable.

What type of pillows is most durable?

When it comes to durability, latex pillows surpass other pillow types.


There you go with the list of best pillows in Canada to give you the desired comfort, support, and cozy. Please go through them and select the one that best suits your preferred sleeping style.

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