5 Best Mattress Topper in Canada 2023

Mattress toppers delight people who wish for a peaceful and comfortable night’s rest. Once you begin to have sleep distress unrelated to any medical or dental conditions, the next culprit to suspect is your mattress.

Quick Answer: Best Mattress Topper in Canada

  1. Best Overall: Linenspa Gel Infused Memory Foam Topper
  2. Best Cover and Pressure: GhostBed Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  3. Best Valued Foam Topper: LUCID 3-Inch Gel Plush Mattress Topper
  4. Best Organic: Silk & Snow Organic Mattress Topper
  5. Best Cotton: Sleep Mantra Cooling Mattress Topper

Buying a new mattress would probably be the next solution; nevertheless, this approach may cost you more than you think.

Getting a mattress topper is the best option to enjoy your night’s rest and cut low on costs. Mattress toppers can soften hard mattresses, extend the lifespan of your bed and improve the appearance of an old mattress.

We have dedicated more time to researching various kinds of best mattress toppers in Canada, such as the gel memory foam mattress, organic latex mattress toppers,  thin mattresses toppers, and thick mattress toppers, to provide you with trusted and accurate tips.

We have compared our choice using multiple metrics such as comfort, durability, texture, and quality to ensure you purchase the right mattress topper for your needs.

Best Overall: Linenspa 3-Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

What We Like About The Linenspa 3-Inch Gel Infused TopperWhat Can Be Improved Upon?
The memory foam topper is infused with cooling gel beads that help regulate your body heat, especially if you’re a hot sleeper.The mattress topper doesn’t offer much responsiveness, especially for sliding around the bed.
It is designed with soft and supporting memory foam that relieves pressure, ache, and pains in your joints and back.It doesn’t offer much grip and textured surfaces that can hold firmly to your mattress.
It has a weight-distributing element that helps spread the weight and curves of your body so your spine stays aligned.
You can customize this memory foam to fit your mattress and give the plush sleep surface you desire.
It provides the ultimate comfort and lushness at an affordable price.

Our Recommendation

  • Suitable for people with back pain and back sleepers.
  • For hot sleepers looking to enjoy much comfort while sleeping.
  • For light and medium weight sleepers.
  • For side sleepers who need much cradling effect from a memory foam mattress topper.

The Highlight

The gel beads in the memory foam topper regulate the temperature that builds up while you sleep, so you feel relaxed and refreshed instead of sweaty and hot.

The Linenspa topper is also designed with a weight-distribution technology that spreads your weight as you sleep. It provides a pressure relief experience and cradles your joints so your spine stays aligned.

Regarding size, the Linenspa mattress topper comes in various standard mattress sizes. It is available in a 3-inch, a 2-inch, twin, twin xl, queen, short queen, king, California king, full, and full xl.

The size you select depends on your mattress’s size and shape. At an affordable price while providing the ultimate comfort and lushness, the Linenspa 3-inch gel mattress topper is the top choice.

Best Cover and Pressure: GhostBed Memory Foam Mattress Topper

What We Like About The GhostBed Memory Foam TopperWhat Can Be Improved Upon?
The GhostBed memory foam mattress topper provides a 2-stage cooling deeper and restorative sleep that blends with luxurious comfort.The GhostBed memory foam topper is encapsulated with many benefits and is presently satisfying users across Canada.
It has a deep-pocket waterproof fitted sheet cover, a breathable mattress protector, and a Ghost Ice fabric that’s cool to the touch.
It is designed with a 3” cooling gel memory foam sense and contouring that aligns your body for maximum comfort.
It targets special comfort zones in your body, such as the head, torsi, shoulder, legs, and feet, and provides added pressure relief and high zones to enhance airflow.

Our Recommendation

  • For hot sleepers looking to enjoy much comfort while sleeping.
  • For individuals who want an affordable mattress topper and cover separately.
  • For side sleepers who need much cradling effect from a memory foam mattress topper.
  • Great for Canadians who need firmer spinal support.

The Highlight

Several features make this mattress topper distinct from other mattresses in Canada. It has two parts; gel-infused memory foam and a fitted Ghost ice cover. The cooling gel helps filter away body heat so it doesn’t build up and disrupt sleep. This mattress topper is crafted using a Ghost Ice fabric that sends a cool sensation to the body and hands when laid upon or touched. With this mattress topper, you don’t have to worry about being a hot sleeper or the hot summer period depriving you of high-quality sleep time.

The GhostBed mattress topper also features a 5-zone comfort and support system palatable to every key area of your body. This excellent mattress topper is designed to support the joints and provide healthy spinal alignment. Due to the topper’s softness in targeted areas of the body, especially under the shoulder, head, torso, and legs, you can experience the best cradling effect a mattress topper can ever give.

On the surface of the foam, there are deep contours that allow easy airflow around your body, thus, acting as a coolant while you sleep. Once placed on your current mattress, the GhostBed mattress topper attaches to the underside of your mattress, thanks to its thick 2-Ghostgrip band.

Best Valued Foam Topper: LUCID 3-Inch Gel Memory Foam Plush Mattress Topper

What We Like About The LUCID 3-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress TopperWhat Can Be Improved Upon?
Memory foam can relieve pressure on designated body parts, such as the hips, shoulders, and knees.Elastic straps should be provided to improve their stability when placed on a mattress. Thus, enhancing the experience users get from using the product.
It is infused with heat-regulating gel to control the temperature and keep you cool and comfortable while sleeping.
It is designed with a 3-inch soft memory foam that combines airy luxury and responsive support to your body and mattress.
It is ventilated to enhance comfort in hot climates and also gives room for breathability.

Our Recommendation

  • For individuals who wish to sleep comfortably and those having trouble sleeping.
  • For Canadians who want a more responsive memory foam topper.
  • For all sleepers who need specific support and cradling effect from a memory foam mattress topper.
  • Great for Canadians seeking a budget cooling mattress topper that offers improved comfort.

The Highlight

It’s a 3-inch thicker mattress topper that provides enough sturdiness to bounce back after use and a depth that gives you the cradling texture you desire.

The LUCID mattress topper comprises memory foam with an infused gel that helps regulate temperature, and this diverts the heat to provide a comfortable and cool night’s rest. The foam is also adequately ventilated for unrestricted airflow and freshness, keeping you cool and clean all night.

Compared to other mattress toppers in its class, the LUCID 3-inch is very responsive to your body structure, and you won’t struggle on top of or around it. This mattress topper is also available in various memory foam sizes.

However, if you like yours to be a firm mattress with less cradle, you can opt for the 2-inch size, and there’s the 4-inch size if you’re searching for the best mattress cushioning effect.

Regardless of size, the LUCID mattress topper is designed with different ridges and formations to create a desirable pressure relief, support, and contouring level. They establish a cushion for specific pressure points in your body to keep you comfortable.

Best Organic: Silk & Snow Organic Mattress Topper

What We Like About The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress TopperWhat Can Be Improved Upon?
It comes with a medium and firm option that enables you to select the firmness that appeals most to you.Side sleepers weighing under 130 pounds may face pressure buildup around their shoulders and hips.
It is made with organic Dunlop latex foam, and added to it is an organic cotton cover to give you a softer foam mattress that’s palatable with your skin.
With the machine washable cover, you can easily remove and wash it alongside your beddings and sheets when stained.
Every part of the latex mattress topper is organically sourced and does not cause any body reaction or allergies.
It is designed with a 3-inch thickness, and as such, it is responsive to body movement, balances your weight appropriately, and fits perfectly under your sheet.

Our Recommendation

  • Those are looking for an organically made mattress topper at a budgeted price.
  • For Canadians who want a cooler and more responsive mattress topper.
  • Great for sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds.
  • Those who desire a balanced and improved performance with no visible weak points.
  • It is uniquely designed for couples with different position preferences.

The Highlight

The Silk & Snow organic mattress topper, made from 100% Dunlop natural latex, is the best option in Canada. Due to its composition, this mattress topper is cooler and more responsive than a memory foam topper. All materials are of the highest quality, sourced sustainably, and organically certified.

The Silk & Snow Organic Latex Mattress Topper is 2 inches thick, meaning that you can easily slide it over your mattress and fit it under your bed sheet, and it won’t increase the height too much.

However, there is a firmer option for individuals who love to sleep on their back since it offers more firmness and pressure. At the same time, the side sleepers can choose the medium option. You can explore the two mattress size options to know which one works best for you.

Best Cotton: Sleep Mantra Cooling Mattress Topper

What We Like About The Sleep Mantra Cooling Mattress TopperWhat Can Be Improved Upon?
This is one of the best cooling mattress toppers and comes with a deep pocket built into the cover that can accommodate any mattress size.The Sleep Mantra is organically made of cotton to promote wellness and comfort. There is no improvement required as of now.
It has a 100% cotton cover that provides softness and comfort at the same time.
It provides optimal support for your body weight and joints without sacrificing comfort.
With the machine washable cover, you can easily remove and wash it alongside your beddings and sheets, and it won’t get crumpled.
It has a feathered pattern that makes it easy to sleep and settle in without shifting around and becoming uncomfortable.

Our Recommendation

  • They are designed for people who want an all-around mattress topper with a low profile.
  • Suitable for Canadians with sensitive skin.
  • Those who desire a balanced and improved performance with no visible weak points.

The Highlight

This mattress topper is designed with a removable cover containing a skirt with deep pockets that let you tuck your mattress in without difficulty. The mattress topper offers excellent support and breathability when in use.

The double-walled piped design ensures the topper maintains its shape and edges after each use. You won’t have to struggle when laying on it, as its stitched pattern always leaves it in place.

The Silk & Snow Mantra, Cooling Mattress Topper, is waterproof and skin-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your kids or pets spilling liquid on it. In addition, the topper has a machine-washable cover that won’t be damaged as long as the instructions are followed when washing.

Interestingly, the mattress topper is highly durable and returns to its original feel and shape after you take it out of the dryer.

You may get better sleep using a mattress topper. However, how can you know what to pick? Here, we’ll assist you in selecting the best course of action. Make sure to see which mattress toppers on our list most appeal to you because they are all excellent Canadian options.

In the interim, these fundamentals ought to be able to assist you in selecting the best mattress topper for your needs:

Factors to Consider When Buying Mattress Topper in Canada

Identify Your Budget

Choosing a budget, whether a range you feel comfortable spending within or a maximum amount you are ready to spend on a mattress topper, is the first step you must take when shopping for a mattress topper.

Even the most expensive, high-end alternatives offer tremendous value in the long run because they can make your mattress last much longer, but not everyone can afford or is willing to invest.

Mattress toppers won’t set you back more than $200 or $300. Still, prices can fluctuate, and you’ll need to consider several things when buying because different technologies, sizes, and features will all affect the cost.

Level of Heat-Regulation (Cooling)

Some people worry that they will become uncomfortably warm because most mattress toppers are made of memory foam. The good news is that mattress toppers are now made using cutting-edge technologies, making them just as comfortable to sleep on as regular mattresses.

The use of gel infusions, which trap heat and dissipate it away from your body, cool covers that assist in keeping you cool where your body meets the bed, and air channels or pinholes that promote ventilation for cooling air circulation are a few crucial elements to look for.

It would be best to base your choice on how hot you tend to sleep because some mattress toppers only have one of these cooling capabilities, while others may have all three.


The primary purpose of a mattress topper is to restore comfort to an unpleasant bed, and the best way to do this is by giving your body the appropriate amount of padding.

Every mattress topper is unique, but most are constructed of memory foam, which is naturally excellent at molding and cradling your body to provide comfort and cushioning for your joints.

When evaluating the effectiveness of the cushioning provided by a mattress topper, there are a few factors to take into account, including the thickness (3″ is ideal) and any unique features like the shape of the foam or zoned areas of the foam that offer varying levels of firmness for different parts of your body.


One issue with mattress toppers that people frequently complain about is how they move around on top of the mattress and either dangle off the side, get crooked or leave a space where you’d prefer your body to be.

Despite being uncommon, some mattress toppers feature a rough surface that improves traction on top of your mattress, while others have some elastic that aids in stabilizing it on top of the bed.

Look for a mattress topper with an additional function for stability on top of your mattress if you’re a restless sleeper and don’t trust your bed sheet to hold it in place.

The Size

Naturally, the size of the mattress topper you select should correspond to the size of the bed it will be used on. All mattress sizes, including twin, twin xl, full, full xl, queen, king, and California king, are offered in mattress toppers.

You could even buy a split king-size or use one of the smaller topper sizes to cover just your side of the bed if you have a larger bed and want a mattress topper but your spouse doesn’t.

To achieve complete coverage of the sleeping surface, unless you sleep alone in your bed, you should select the topper size that corresponds to the size of your mattress.


Is a mattress topper as good as a mattress?

Yes! A great mattress topper is as good as an original mattress. Mattress toppers can be used as a replacement for old or unsupported matters. Although they are highly durable, they can only be used temporarily.

Can you wash a mattress topper?

In Canada, several mattress toppers are machine washable. Depending on the material used for the toppers. While most vinyl-backed mattress toppers can be cleaned on a gentle cycle, pad-style toppers shouldn’t be.

What is the difference between a mattress topper and a mattress pad?

A mattress pad is intended to improve sleeping comfort and safeguard a mattress against pollutants and accidents. A mattress topper is used to significantly alter the feel of a bed and add additional pressure relief. Additionally, toppers can extend the life of a new mattress or revive an old one.

What thickness of mattress topper is best for back pain?

Mattress toppers typically come in three thickness options: 1′′, 2′′, and 3′′. The maximum pressure relief will be provided by a 3′′ topper, so heavier side and back sleepers should look for one. A 2″ topper could be suitable for light back or side sleepers.


Selecting the best mattress topper in Canada may prove challenging due to the many beautiful toppers on the market. However, you can choose from the options we listed in this article the one that best suits your demands. Take a close look at each offer’s benefits and pick the most suitable one.

Each mattress topper comes at an affordable and budget-friendly price. Click the link below for each product to make your purchase.

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