Best Mattress Protectors in Canada

A mattress is a huge investment that can leave a huge dent in your pockets. Based on this, we are sure you don’t look forward to purchasing a new one prematurely. To give your mattress a longer lifespan, you’ll need to invest in a new mattress protector that will secure it from nighttime accidents, sweat, spills, and dirt.

Quick Answer: Best Mattress Protectors in Canada

To save you the time of digging through hundreds of brands, we’ve done a comprehensive guide on the best mattress protectors in Canada that are waterproof, hypoallergenic, damage-resistant, and easy to clean. 

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Douglas Mattress Protector (Best overall option)

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
It’s a waterproof mattress protectorNot ideal if you prefer zipper mattress protectors 
It can be machine washed 
It can fit the mattress up to 16″ deep.
It comes with a 2-year warranty. 
It stays in place even for restless sleepers. 

Douglas checks off all the boxes when it comes to a premium functional mattress protector. Topping is its water shield barrier with microscopic pores that keep out liquids and let in air. Meanwhile, it fits tightly onto the bed without wrinkles and popping corners, even if you’re a restless sleeper. 

Its cotton layer does not only offer comfort but also traps and absorbs all liquids. Beyond that, it’s free from crunching noises that can wake you up in the middle of the night. 

Not to forget, its top layer is made of a bamboo blend that is eco-friendly and cooling. If you sleep hot, it will help to keep you cool by drawing off excessive heat. Not to mention, it has antimicrobial properties that help to keep away bacteria and allergens like dust mites.

Polysleep  Mattress Protector (Best waterproof mattress protector)

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
It’s a waterproof mattress protectorTakes a long time to dry
It prevents allergens and odours
It’s soft and comfortable.
It’s quiet at night
It’s very durable

A polysleep mattress protector is a dream come true for anyone in search of a durable yet comfortable mattress protector. With a silver clear coating, it forms a protective barrier that keeps away allergens and odours. This means you can sleep comfortably without triggering asthma or dermatitis from allergens like dust mites and bed bugs. 

If you’re worried about drinks or fluids staining and damaging your mattress, Polysleep is constructed with a polyurethane layer that keeps water from seeping through. Its waterproof barrier is also breathable when it comes to humidity and moisture from perspiration, so it wicks out moisture. 

Did we mention it’s soft and comfortable? When you think of something waterproof, you probably think of an umbrella type of material that makes crunching noises. However, with this waterproof mattress protector, all you get is silence. Furthermore, it stays in place, you won’t even notice it’s in between the mattress and sheets.

Silk&Snow Mattress Protector (Best cooling mattress protector)

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
It’s a waterproof mattress protectorNot a sufficient mattress pad 
Suitable for hot sleepers 
It can be washed in a machine.
It comes with a 100-night trial period. 
It’s made with durable material. 

If you sleep hot, the Silk&Snow has a cooling effect that enables you to enjoy full restorative sleep, especially on those hot summer nights without sweating profusely. Beyond that, the fibers in the protector are calibrated in a way that allows the mattress to breathe. This means it draws in cool air and wicks out sweat and hot air. 

Talking of comfort, it’s formulated with a thin ultra-quiet fabric that stays in place; it’s basically like an invisible barrier. Also, it’s woven with premium fabric that is soft on the skin to promote high-quality sleep.

Talking about maximum protection, it’s engineered with an innovative material that is used in outdoor gear. This means dirt, spill, and normal wear and tear don’t stand a chance. However, to prevent dead skin cells, bacteria, and viruses from accumulating, you can toss it in a machine and tumble dry it every two months or as soon as it gets dirty or you get sick.

Novosbed Mattress Protector (Best hypoallergenic)

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
It’s a hypoallergenic mattress protectorNot suitable if you want a zipped mattress protector 
It can cover most mattresses
It protects against spills and stains.
It’s breathable and comfortable.
It can be machined washed.

Not only will the Novosbed mattress protector keep your mattress free from liquids and moisture, but it will also boost your comfort. This is because it doesn’t move around thanks to the elastic that secures the protector to the corners to form a tight clean foam-fitting appearance and feel. Beyond that, it comes in all mattress sizes and fits up to a depth of up to 16 inches.

Formulated with a bamboo blend, it’s eco-friendly and anti-microbial. This way, you can be sure that your mattress smells clean and fresh because it will cancel out odour-causing bacteria. In addition, it will keep away allergens like dust mites and bed bugs that can disrupt your sleep by triggering allergies and respiratory issues.

Similarly, it has been designed with materials that can be easily washed to prevent dirt and microbial build-up.

GhostBed Mattress Protector (Best quiet mattress protector)

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
It’s very durable The padding could be insufficient 
It’s breathable and lightweight 
Its 2-inch elastic grip keeps it in place.
Features antimicrobial technology 
It can be machine washed. 
It helps to keep your body cool. 

The GhostBed mattress protector is made of 30% cotton wool and microfibre with waterproof backing. This means it will protect your mattress from spills and stains without compromising on your comfort. Furthermore, the cotton filling is extremely absorbent to prevent moisture and liquids from passing through to the mattress. 

The best part about this mattress protector is that it’s free from noise, so you don’t hear an uncomfortable crinkling sound throughout the night. On the other hand, if you sleep hot, its super soft knit top is naturally breathable to wick away heat and moisture from your body; this means you won’t wake up soaking wet in the middle of the night.

In terms of durability, this mattress protector is constructed with wear and tear-resistant materials. If you’re still not convinced, it comes with a 10-year warranty to assure you. Even if you put it in the washing machine, it won’t get damaged like other brands on the market.

Winkbeds Mattress Protector (Best for kid’s beds)

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
It’s a waterproof mattress protector It doesn’t come with a trial period
It’s hypoallergenic
It has an 18-inch depth. 
It can be machine washed.
It comes in all bed sizes.
Designed with cooling and breathable features 

Finding a mattress encasement for a mattress with an 18-inch depth can feel like searching for bigfoot. However, the Winkbeds Mattress  Protector comes in all mattress sizes, from twin to California king size, with a depth of up to 18 inches. The icing on the cake is, that the corners don’t pop up when you sleep because it’s secured by an elastic band around the deep pockets.

Engineered with a waterproof membrane that keeps liquids from seeping through and damaging the mattress. You can count on it to keep your little ones who are in the bedwetting phase dry and comfortable all night long. Also, it’s breathable, so it wicks out excess moisture and helps to eliminate musty odours that can hinder proper sleep.

With hypoallergenic properties, you don’t need to be scared of the allergy season since mattresses trap dust mites and bed bugs that can cause serious health issues and extreme discomfort. Not to mention, you could always toss it in the washing machine if it gets dirty. This way, your mattress is always feeling clean and fresh as new.

Puffy Mattress Protector (Best eco-friendly mattress protector)

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
It’s a hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protector. It’s more expensive compared to other options
It has a lifetime warranty 
It’s antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. 
It’s cooling for hot sleepers.
It has a 101-night sleep trial.

The puffy mattress protector is ideal if you’re looking for something premium and durable. Since this is a bedding bamboo mattress protector, it’s not only nontoxic and eco-friendly but also anti-microbial. This ensures that you sleep in a healthy environment to prevent illness and skin irritation caused by bacteria and viruses. 

Similarly, the top cover has cooling properties to draw heat from your body without triggering allergies. This is because it incorporates hypoallergenic properties that deter allergens that might trigger respiratory issues like asthma and sleep apnea while you sleep. To seal the deal, when there’s pollen and dust around, its material makes it easier to wash it frequently. 

Unlike any mattress protector on this list, Puffy comes with a 101-night sleep trial; if it doesn’t fit your entire mattress, you can return it and get a full refund. On top of that, it has a lifetime warranty; this just goes to say it’s durable and will probably serve you for years before it wears or tears.

Linenspa Mattress Protector (Best low-budget option)

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
It’s a stain-resistant protector It doesn’t last long compared to other options 
It’s a low-budget option 
It’s waterproof and hypoallergenic. 
It has a depth of 18 inches. 
Its crinkle-free when machine washed 

The Linenspa mattress protector is designed with shoppers that are on a budget in mind. It has waterproof fabric that protects your mattress from stains, spills, and nighttime accidents without a heavy price tag. You might think that since it’s a value mattress protector made of synthetic material, it will come off crinkly and hot, but that is not the case. On the contrary, It’s very silent and cool.

The Linenspa protector stays in place even for restless sleepers thanks to its elasticated pockets that are 18 inches deep, so it’s compatible with many mattresses. Similarly, it’s available in all mattress sizes from twin to California king. This means you can find a suitable one for your kids’ mattresses. 

When it gets dirty from spills and dirty hand prints, you can wash it in the machine and dry it on low heat. This way, you’ll have a crinkle-free mattress protector that is as good as new. Not to forget, it’s also lightweight, so it’s easy to wash and put back on the mattress.

What is a Mattress Protector?

A mattress protector is a durable, fitted sheet that forms a barrier between the environment and your mattress. More succinctly, they do what their name says; they’ll protect your mattress against dirt, stains, damage, and allergens. 

Benefits of a Mattress Protector 

Extends Your Mattress’ Lifespan

Mattresses are a heavy investment that can be expensive, so it’s important that you protect them from damage. Of course, most mattresses have warranties that guarantee repairs or replacements by the company. However, the warranty might not cover the damages if the mattress gets extremely dirty.

You’ll need to invest in a great mattress protector to keep your mattress clean and free from damage.

Improves Mattress Hygiene

Did you know that most people spend 8 to 10 hours daily on their mattresses? This makes the mattress one of the most used items in your house. Unfortunately, that might also mean that they accumulate bacteria, viruses, dead skin cells, sweat build-up, fungi, pet hair, food crumbs, and all sorts of dirt. 

The best mattress protector will keep your mattress clean and hygienic for the sake of your health.

Helps to Save the Environment

Depending on the mattress construction, some of the internal components cannot be recycled. This means your old mattress might either end up being burnt down or buried in a landfill where it could take 80 to 120 years to decompose, affecting the earth’s delicate ecosystems. 

Mattress covers will give your mattress a longer lifespan; this means you’ll dispose of fewer mattresses throughout your lifetime. The best part is, that most of the mattress covers are made of eco-friendly materials that are biodegradable and recyclable.

Helps to Prevent Allergies 

Unprotected mattresses are prone to trapping dust mites, pollen, and pesky bed bugs, especially around the corners and stitching.  These critters will not only cause you uncomfortable bites, but they might also trigger allergies like asthma and even dermatitis. 

With a high-quality antimicrobial mattress cover, it offers sufficient bed bug protection.

Prevents Odour 

Mattress encasements help to keep away odours caused by moisture like bed wetting and excessive sweat. But mostly bed wetting since most kids go through this phase at some point, and it causes the most damage and odour to a mattress. 

To put it into context, the best mattress protectors have a waterproof material so they’ll prevent fluids like urine and sweat from sipping into the mattress. This ensures that the mattress remains comfortable and odour-free for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Easy to Maintain 

Cleaning a mattress can be labour-intensive or expensive if you hire professionals to do it for you. However, if you invest in a mattress protector, all you have to do is just remove it, put it in the machine on a gentle wash, and before you know it, you have a nice clean mattress. 

Improves the Quality of Your Sleep

Although a good mattress protector should extend your mattress lifespan, it should also provide you with comfort to improve your sleep quality. It should also have cooling properties for hot sleepers, a mattress pad for extra cushioning and breathability, and waterproof protection to prevent odour build-up. 

Things To Consider When Purchasing a Mattress Protector


Not all mattresses protectors are the same, so when purchasing one, it’s important to consider which type you want:


This is the most popular type of mattress cover since it fits your mattress like a sheet. Featuring elastic skirts that secure the protector under the four corners of the mattress to cover the entire bed. 


As the name suggests, this type of protector can cover your mattress perfectly when sealed with a zip. An encasement mattress protector is ideal for fighting against bed bug infestation and dust mites. 

Elastic Straps 

This basic design covers only the top of the mattress and is held down with elastic straps in the corners. This type of mattress protector is the least efficient since it leaves the sides bare, and the elastic at the corners isn’t very secure. 


When purchasing a mattress protector, it’s important to look at its material because it will determine temperature control, breathability, cost, and durability.


If you’re searching for a mattress that is comfortable, more breathable, and somehow thermoregulatory, look out for a mattress protector with organic cotton materials. What’s even better, some cotton mattress covers come in hypoallergenic options.  

In terms of comfort, if you choose a quilted mattress protector with cotton filling, you’ll feel as though you’re lying on a cloud because of the softness and lack of noise production. The only deal-breaker is that cotton tends to shrink when it’s washed.


Synthetic materials are the best anti-allergen and waterproof protector options available. Most of them feature polyurethane layers that keep away spills. This makes them the best option for kids who have nighttime accidents and people who sweat a lot at night. 

The flip side is that they’re expensive, and pure synthetic protectors are not durable compared to cotton. What’s more, some are not biodegradable.


Wool is a good choice if you’re looking for firm but comfortable support. Not only is it an all-season option, but it has excellent green credentials because it’s biodegradable. 

The only issue is, that wool is a bit bulky and heavy, making it hard to fold for some. Not to forget, some people can be allergic to wool while others might be put off by its sheepish smell when it’s new.

Temperature Regulation

If you can’t get a comfortable night’s sleep because it’s too hot, look for a mattress protector with cooling features. Some of the best cooling mattress protectors feature materials that were developed by NASA for temperature regulation; if you touch them, you feel cool.

Mattress size

It beats the purpose if you purchase a mattress protector that is too small or too big for your mattress. That’s why it’s important to purchase a top-rated mattress protector that is the same size as your mattress. You wouldn’t want it rolling up in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping, would you? 

Washing Instructions 

Since most mattress protectors are meant to be washed regularly to prevent dirt and pathogen build-up, check if they are machine washable before investing in them. Furthermore, to save time and energy, especially on cold days, look for a mattress protector that can be tumble-dried.


Most people have complaints that some mattress protectors move around. To avoid this, try and choose a mattress topper with a textured surface that provides a better grip on the top of your mattress and elastic that’s steady enough to hold it in place at the corners.


A waterproof design when purchasing a mattress since will help you prevent spills that might damage the mattress. This feature is a must-have, especially if you have pets or can kids that spilled liquid and wet the bed. 

The only issue with waterproof mattress protectors is that some can be noisy when you’re moving around, disrupting your and your partner’s sleep.


Lastly, it’s important to try and find options that come with a warranty because a mattress protector is also a big investment. Besides, a warranty guarantees durability if a mattress protector has a long warranty, it might as well mean the materials are premium and can stand the test of time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q . How often should I wash a mattress protector?

According to experts, mattress encasements should be washed after every two months. However, if you’ve fallen ill, we’d advise that you strip off the bed, including the mattress cover, and wash them to remove any lurking viruses and bacteria. 

Similarly, if you share your bed with a pet or if you sweat a lot, you would want to wash your mattress protector monthly to remove fur and sweat build-up.  Not to mention, if you’ve spilled something on the bed, you’d want to wash it immediately, so it doesn’t stain.

Q. When is the best time to buy a mattress protector?

When you buy your mattress, it’s important to buy a mattress protector. This will ensure that it stays clean for a long time, saving you money and promoting good health. 

In terms of shopping, always keep an eye out for discounts, especially around the holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Additionally, there are always websites with weekly and daily offers.


If we had to choose the overall best mattress protector, we would pick the Douglas Mattress Protector. This is because it’s protective, durable, yet comfortable for an average price point. 

Nevertheless, all the mattress protectors on our list are worth your investment. Not to mention, they will protect your mattress from spills, dirt, nighttime accidents, and allergens.

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