How To Make A Cheap Mattress More Comfortable?

This is for anyone suffering from unrestful nights and body aches in the morning due to an uncomfortable mattress.

Make A Cheap Mattress More Comfortable

It is not news that mattresses are essential for a good night’s rest. However, we are familiar with the saying, “comfort is not cheap.” Well, that saying isn’t far-fetched, especially when buying a mattress, as the price range of a mattress determines its class. These classes are the luxury mattress, the budget mattress, and the cheap mattress.

And let’s be honest, getting a luxury or budget mattress is a luxury that may be way out of your budget for the month. So invariably, you happen to be stuck with your cheap mattress.

Owning a cheap mattress indeed holds no promise of comfortable sleep; however, there are ways to enhance the quality of your sleep without having to get a new and more expensive mattress.

Here Are Five Ways To Make Your Cheap Mattress More Comfortable

1: Flip The Mattress Over

This method is best if you find the mattress becoming saggy. Chances are that the other side of the mattress is not as sagged in as the one previously faced up. Wear is evened out by flipping the mattress over to the other side. This simple process leaves you with a firmer and more comfortable side to sleep giving you the feeling of a new mattress.

However, this doesn’t apply to all mattresses, as some only have one side. If you have such a mattress, rotating might fix the problem. Make the head of the bed the foot, and you are good to go. For better results, combine this with a mattress topper.

2: Buy A Mattress Topper

A mattress topper, as the name implies, sits on top of your mattress or is strapped to it. For any mattresses with a surface too firm for the user, the mattress topper gives a layer of padding to soften it and give it a firmer feel.

Here’s a hack to see if toppers fit you well.

Place extra bed sheets or a duvet directly on the mattress. Getting a topper will be a great option if it provides extra comfort when you lay on it.

3: Change Your Pillow

Sometimes the cause of unrestful sleep is not the mattress; it could be another factor. One such to consider is your pillow. Before ruling out that you need a new mattress, get a new pillow and see how that works.

A good pillow is supposed to support the neck and head to provide additional comfort to your sleep. Anything other than this should not be accepted, and the pillow should be replaced.

Doing this might help soften the effects of having a bad mattress.

4: Get a Heated Blanket

You’ve got a memory foam mattress that is too firm? A heated blanket set to an optimal temperature (make sure it is not too high) will soften the memory foam.

This provides increased comfort, making the bed much softer to sleep in. A heated blanket will also provide warmth, thus promoting a good night’s sleep and a well-rested body.

5: Invest In a Body Pillow

If sleeping on your side causes you to wake up with aches from your mattress, you might need the additional support that a body pillow offers. These pillows are designed to give full body support and take pressure off your back and muscles while you sleep.

To test this out, take a regular pillow and place it between your knees. Fall asleep in this position and note how you feel when you wake. This will help determine if you should get a body pillow or not.

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You should note that these hacks are not 100% foolproof, so if it doesn’t work for you, there is no cause for alarm. However, you might need to start saving up for that new mattress since sleep is an essential part of the human routine to rejuvenate after a long day.

Quality and comfort are non-negotiable. A cheap mattress might not give you the comfort you deserve. But with our hacks in this guide, you will find your sleep more comfortable without breaking the bank.

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