Can You Bend a Pocket Coil Mattress?

It depends on the type of pocket coil mattress. More succinctly, some types of pocket coil mattresses can be rolled, but others could get damaged when rolled. The real question is: Which pocket coil mattress can you bend or roll without damaging it?

Well, let’s find out.

Bend a Pocket Coil Mattress

Which Pocket Coil Mattress Can You Bend?

Boxed hybrid pocket coil mattresses

Most hybrid pocket coil mattresses are designed with independent pocket coils that aren’t damaged when bent — that’s why they’re sold rolled up and compressed in a box.

Also, this type of mattress springs into shape within 24 hours after it’s unboxed without losing its supportive and comfort features.

Pocket coil mattresses engineered with single-wrapped coils.

Mattresses engineered with single-wrapped pocket coils can easily get bent without causing damage since the springs move independently.

In addition, single-wrapped pocket coil mattresses are flexible enough to roll, fold or compress without losing their support structure.

Which Pocket Coil Mattresses You Can’t Bend?

Pocket coil mattresses with warranties that get voided when bent 

Checking your pocket coil mattress’s warranty is the easiest way to tell if you can bend it. More succinctly, if the mattress warranty gets voided when you roll it, there’s a high chance your mattress will get damaged if you try to bend it.

Pocket coil mattresses that don’t get delivered in a box

In most cases, companies deliver their mattress in a box for more accessible transportation. However, If your pocket coil mattress wasn’t delivered in a box, it might be a telltale sign that its pocket coil construction gets damaged when rolled up or bent.

Pocket coil mattresses with a steel rim at the edges

If your pocket coil mattress is constructed with a steel frame at the edges, you can’t bend it. To put it into context, if you bend the mattress, the steel frames will bulge out and cause discomfort as you sleep.

Pocket coil mattress with Bonnell springs or connected coils

If your mattress has a base made with Bonnell springs or connected coils, you should never try to bend it unless you want to damage it.

This is because mattresses engineered with Bonnell springs or connected coils are made with several layers of coils inside that cause them to be rigid.

Therefore, if you end up bending your pocket coil mattress with Bonnell springs at more than 45 degrees, it will permanently damage its construction.

How to Compress and Roll a Pocket Coil Mattress

Although most pocket coil mattresses can’t be bent, some are constructed with flexible coil systems. This means you can roll and compress them. However, that doesn’t mean the coil base can’t be damaged if you’re not cautious when rolling it.

If you want to compress and roll your mattress, Here is how you can do it.


Whether or not you can bend your pocket coil mattress depends on its construction. That is why it is essential to check the mattress’s warranty and composition before bending it to avoid irreparable damage.

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