Can a Soft Mattress Make You Snore?

If your airway is partially blocked while sleeping, you’ll snore. This typically occurs because of the sagging throat tissue brought on by your reclining position, which makes your breath rumble noisily past. Nevertheless, if your head isn’t adequately supported while sleeping, this could worsen. The sound then begins or gets louder as your lower jaw lolls open, further restricting your airway. Snoring can significantly affect a person’s ability to sleep. This is because it might be challenging for snorers to fall asleep deeply and peacefully.

A soft mattress can increase your likelihood of snoring if your spine alignment is disturbed due to your mattress’s poor neck and back support. Also, snoring can get worse if your mattress is too soft for you or one that you sink into; your back and neck curves may not be properly supported by your mattress, which could directly cause your snoring.

The majority of mattresses on the market are medium firm to accommodate a variety of sleepers. Remember this while buying if you require something stiffer or softer than medium firm.

How Does Your Bed Influence Snoring?

So we know how snoring happens and what causes it, but did you know your mattress can also play a role in producing snoring?

If your mattress does not adequately support the curve of your neck and back, this may cause you to snore. Furthermore, suppose your mattress is too soft. In that case, the support you receive will most likely be insufficient, resulting in your head slipping out of a supporting posture, lowering your jaw, and obstructing your airways, resulting in snoring.

Hence, regardless of your regular sleeping position, if you or your partner snore, you should sleep on a medium to firm mattress to keep your airways open.

Why Does the Mattress Not Provide Enough Spine Support for Snorers?

Your mattress may not offer enough spinal support because it is excessively soft, which is one of the main causes. Although ultra-plush mattresses may seem like the coziest choice in the store, they might not offer enough spinal support for you or your spouse.

Also, if your mattress is older than seven years, it has probably started to sag, which means it no longer aids in maintaining proper spinal alignment while you sleep. Your airways become more constricted due to the change in your sleeping position, which in turn triggers snoring.

How to Pick a Good Mattress for Snorers

Finding the best mattress for snorers may be difficult at first, but if your or your partner’s snoring keeps you up at night, it may be well worth the effort.

A medium to firm mattress doesn’t have to make your sleep less comfortable if you prefer a soft feel. Many memory foam mattresses on the market offer enough support and comfort while conforming to your body’s shape and movement while you sleep.

Sleep is one of the most crucial things for your body to function; therefore, painful nights brought on by snoring or snorers, restless nights, and your mattress selection shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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