How To Blow Up Air Mattress Without Pump?

Inflating an air mattress can be a hassle, especially if you don’t have a pump at hand. Fortunately, there are several household items that you can use to blow up an air mattress without a pump. From air compressors and leaf blowers to hair dryers and bike pumps, you have several options to get creative with.

In this article, we will explore six different ways to inflate an air mattress without a pump. This includes exclusive tips on effectively using each method.

Whether you’re setting up a guest room for out-of-town visitors or want a comfortable place to sleep on a camping trip, these methods can help you inflate your air mattress in no time.

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Six Ways to Blow Up an Air Mattress Without a Pump

Air compressor

An air compressor compresses and stores air in a tank, which can then be used to power tools or inflate objects like tires or air mattresses. To use an air compressor to inflate an air mattress, simply hook the air hose to the air valve on the mattress and turn on the compressor. Make sure to start with the mattress fully deflated, and keep an eye on the pressure gauge to ensure you don’t over-inflate the mattress.

Leaf or snow blower

Leaf blowers and snow blowers are blowers. So, if you’ve either at home, they work as the perfect alternative to puffing out an air mattress.

Here’s how it works: Grab the nozzle of the blower, hold it up to the air valve on the mattress, and flip on the machine. As with the air compressor, it works better when you start with the mattress fully deflated. Keep an eye on the pressure gauge to avoid overinflation.

Hair dryer

Yes, this sounds crazy, but the hair dryer can save your life in more ways than just “drying your hair.” It’s perhaps one of the most accessible options on this list.

This is just as easy to use as the air compressor. Hold it up to the air valve on the mattress and give it all you’ve got by switching to the highest level. As with the other options, start with the fully deflated mattress and monitor the pressure gauge to avoid overinflation. You can quickly get the required level from the manufacturer’s manual or instructions.

Bike pump

A bike pump works well for inflating air mattresses and bike tires. Odds are your bike pump’s nib is probably smaller than the mattress’ air valve, so you may need to seal it up to minimize leaks. Begin pumping the air mattress to the desired level, just as you would your bike’s tire.

P.S. Be prepared for a workout if you use a bike pump!

Using a bike pump to inflate an air mattress can be challenging. Remember to relax and take a breather if you need to during the process.

Vacuum cleaner

You could also use a vacuum cleaner, as long as it can blow air, to deflate an air mattress. Clean your vacuum cleaner before use, and ensure it can be attached to the air mattress valve.

Inflating an air mattress with a vacuum cleaner is as simple as turning on the vacuum and placing the nozzle against the mattress’s air valve. As with the other methods, start with a fully deflated mattress and watch the pressure gauge to avoid overinflation.

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Garbage or refuse bag

Finally, you can try this method if you can’t lay your hands on any other tools.

Start by inflating your trash bag by swooping it through the air like a balloon. Getting a thick bag makes it work better, as thinner bags have a reputation for leaking more quickly. After getting some air in,

It’s important to quickly close the open end in your hand to prevent air loss. Place the bag over the airbed valve after opening the center, and fill up the airbed by squeezing the bag. This works, but it’s a long and laborious process, so you’ll have to do it repeatedly.


When all else fails, like when your hair dryer jams or you run out of trash bags, your mouth can always come to the rescue. Here’s how it goes:

Get your air valve all cleaned up, then place your mouth over it and blow! Every time you take a lung-inducing blow, you can regain strength before taking another shot at it if the valve only allows one-directional airflow.

This is quite demanding and should only be considered as a last resort

And remember that before you begin inflating the air mattress, check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you have the right air valve and know the ideal amount of air to pass in.

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Putting air into an air mattress without a pump may seem like a difficult task, but it’s actually quite simple with the right tools. It’s possible to get the job done with several different tools and methods, such as an air compressor, leaf blower, hair dryer, bike pump, vacuum cleaner, or trash bag.

Make sure the mattress is wholly deflated before you begin, and keep an eye on the pressure gauge (if present) to prevent it from getting too high. With these methods at your disposal, you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep on your air mattress in no time!

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