Can a Hybrid Mattress Be Used With an Adjustable Base?

Yes, you can use most hybrid mattresses with an adjustable base.

Most high-quality hybrid mattresses can pair with adjustable bases because they’re designed with flexible coils and layers of malleable foam — usually latex, memory, or a combination. More succinctly, the flexible layers keep your mattress from getting damaged while adjusting. 

Hybrid Mattress Be Used With an Adjustable Base

However, it’s important to note that some retailers use the name hybrid for innerspring mattresses — yet most innerspring mattresses are not equipped for adjustable positions. That is why it’s essential to check a hybrid mattress’s information label to determine whether it’s compatible with an adjustable base before purchasing it.

Factors that affect a mattress’ compatibility with an adjustable base 

Mattress flexibility 

If a mattress is not flexible enough, it will affect the mobility of your adjustable base. Similarly, if your mattress is more than 12 inches thick, it might be challenging to adjust your base. 

Mattress size 

When purchasing a mattress, ensure that you choose one with dimensions that match your adjustable base. If your mattress is too big or too small, it could weaken the performance of your adjustable base. 

Mattress Durability 

Durability is important when choosing a mattress for your adjustable base because it will probably get subjected to constant movement. The last thing you want is your new mattress to wear out faster than you bargained for. 

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Benefits of an adjustable base 

An adjustable base is a bed with segmented hinges that allow sleepers to alter its position to suit their sleeping needs and preferences.

Here are some of the benefits of an adjustable base. 

Reduces Back Pain

An adjustable base improves spinal alignment and reduces pressure on the back.  To put it into context, if you’re experiencing lower back pain, you can help to alleviate it by lifting the top of your adjustable bed by 45 degrees. Likewise, if you’re experiencing too much pressure in the middle of your spine, you can lift the bottom part of the base. 

Prevents snoring

Sleeping with your adjustable base raised by at least 20 to 30 degrees in the head area will help to reduce pressure on your airway. In turn, keeping the airways open— reduces snoring caused by sleep apnea, asthma, or other triggers. 

It helps to beat insomnia. 

Whether your insomnia is caused by workplace stress, chronic stress, or anxiety, an adjustable base can be customized to a position that drifts you off to sleep fast.

Reduces heartburn 

If you have constant heartburn while sleeping, elevating your bed slightly around the head area will help to keep your stomach acids from creeping up to your esophagus and causing you heartburn. 

Arthritis pain relief 

If you suffer from arthritis pain, you can adjust your bed according to your joint pains. This ensures that your body weight is distributed evenly to relieve the pressure that causes pain around your joints.  Besides that, an adjustable bed will help to alleviate morning stiffness.

Offers flexibility for sleepers that share a bed

Since some adjustable bases have independent sides, couples can adjust their side of the bed. If one has heartburn, they can adjust their top side, while the other can alleviate their lower body. 

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